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Okay, so I’m guessing I’ll be alone in this, but – I loved this chapter. As annoying as I found the set up to be, the execution was halfway decent. The odd thing is that I haven’t been a fan of Juvia for years and I’ve always hated Gray, but when they tried to commit double suicide, I legitimately teared up. Mashima has a lot of flaws as a writer, but I will say that he is still capable of tugging at my heart strings – even after all these years. I kinda wish that Gray had actually died instead of Juvia saving him at the last moment, but it’ll be interesting to see the descent into madness that Juvia’s “death” causes him. Who knows – maybe Gray will evolve from a colossal bore into a character I actually enjoy! Only time will tell. :P

Now, even though Juvia’s “death” scene was incredibly sad, we all know that she’s going to come back eventually. If Mashima didn’t go through with killing Makarov, Happy, Gray, Macao, Carla, Gajeel, or Mira, you know he’s not going to go through with killing Juvia. Although I’m guessing he won’t bring her back as quickly as he did everyone else. Despite the fact that I know this death scene is absolutely meaningless, I’m still pleased with the chapter. I’ve come to accept Fairy Tail for what it is and I know that means that main characters just don’t die. To expect them to is asinine at this point. The literal definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Although, with that in mind, it'd be nice if Mashima stopped doing this death fakeouts. >_>

Btw, we’re just one chapter away from the 500th chapter of Fairy Tail!!! It’s crazy to think of how far this series has come! Seems like just yesterday that it began honestly. >__< As far as the content of the next chapter goes, we all know Invel is gonna get rekt by some serious Nakama Magic within the first two pages. After that, who the fuck knows. :P

Rants and Raves

  • Rave: The cover was adorable. I must admit.
  • Rave: was just a fakeout. >_> Uhhh.... since when does a blood transfusion change the fact that you have gaping hole in your chest?


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Category Rating Yoruichi Chibi.png
Art 10/10 stars
Story 7/10 stars
Fight 7/10 stars
Overall Chapter 7/10 stars

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