Hey there. Going to do something different today. As you can know, the series is almost reaching the 300th Chapter, with only 5 weeks left. So, I'll do a critique review based on what it's more criticized overally, at least in the wiki. So let's start (please apologize me for any grammar errors):

Mages, not Magicians

The series had a decent starting, but when compared to other instances, it seems that its way has diverted. The main elements of the series (Guild, Mage and Magic) were explained pretty well, making Fairy Tail looks like a nice series to follow, with similarities to ones like One Piece and Naruto. Later on, these concepts are expanded: there are Dark Guilds, Lost Magics, Black Mages an stuff, what contributed to make things more interesting. Of course, some things don't come out very well, as the series is mixed up with pathetic instances. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is the strongest Mage of the Blue Pegasus Guild, and uses Perfume Magic. For the most funny Mashima can (attempt) to be, things like this exclude the relevancy of the scene where they appear. In other words, Ichi-Nichiya vs. Rocker and Bacchus was just a moment to laught, and not to contribute on the storyline. Pisses off some people. Another aggravating of this is the enorm use of fanservice, used rampantly. Ok Hiro, we men like to see female characters with "Nice Bodies", but not when they're fighting, please... I wouldn't complaint if Chelia and Wendy hadn't had their clothes ripped off during their fight.

Bora who?

Well, but things keep going, with several arcs and several characters. But were them really necessary? At this moment, we look back on the series and notice that there was something called "Eisenwald"... A Dark Guild that had a member that could potentially kill some Guild Masters. Ok, interesting, but what's the effect of this today? If there's something that people like to see in a series, is the effect of the events later on the series. However, someone that hasn't read Lullaby Arc wouldn't have problems to understand the series at all. It's also important to mention here that some mysteries seemed to have been completely forgotten about their meaning. Since the series is still going on, talk about this can be presumptuous, so I won't expatiate on this point very much. But we can question ourselves, how and why the hell Porlyusica came to Earthland? "No one cares", somebody says. And it's because of this way of thinking that they will never be solved.

Because yes.

With so many elements and events, they need to give us proper explanations for them, for the sake of anybody's patience, as well keep a likelihood of the events. However, manipulation and forcing of them was something observed in many occasions. It's nice and moving to see how Robaul wanted to protect Wendy as a redemption for his sins, creating an entire Guild for her... Well, the niceness ends here. Nirvana is something that never was spoken about before, nor was mentioned later, Roubaul and the Nirvit seemed to have never existed neither have make an actual difference on the world, the Old Nabla Geezer is over powerful enough to stay alive and use absurds amounts of Magic. "Deal with it readers, I needed a reason to put Wendy in Fairy Tail", Mashima should've said...

Mashima Magic

Like any Animanga, the series has a philosophy: The Way of The Nakama (Japanese for "friend", "comrade"). Belive in your Nakama and you'll be strong, those who don't care about Nakama are scum, I don't care about what I'm doing as long it's to protect my Nakama, etc. Well, at least in my view this philosophy was... Poor. Mashima kinda confirms it, as he makes almost everyone justify it with a speech, what we know as "Spit Out Nakama Crap"; or making them win fights because they believe on their Nakama... On a rare occasion, the holder of this philosophy loses, like we saw on Lucy vs. Minerva. However, still taking it as an example, Hiro makes it so exaggerated that some people can't even recognize that Minerva won the battle, for so much Lucy as harmed. The Plot Armor of the series fits well here, as The Way of The Nakama is often used as excuse to fights' results.


Could've been better, but deserves to be followed. Not giving number ratings.