Herme's Volume Extras

Hi there! Welcome to the 2nd Issue of Herme's Volume Extra! Last time I introduced you about the project to see the repercussion, and yeah it seems you liked it (I hope, if you didn't I'll keep doing this)! Anyway, today I'll contextualize 2 Images!

Now you should be thinking: "Only this? You're such a lazy guy, Herme!" But wait dear Users of Fairy Tail WIki! Today I bring to you also the curious origins of some names of our Favorite Characters! Hope you enjoy your quick stay here!

This is the Extra Content of the 1st Volume. It refers to events that occured from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4.

"Natsu's Design..."
"Huh? He had horns?"


"This is how the main character of the closed story of Fairy Tail (actually, it was Fairy Tale) looks lik. In the short version, he was a spirit, but now, he's human and lost the horns."

This is the Extra Content of the 2nd Volume. It refers to events that occured from Chapter 5 to Chapter 13.

"Tests of Fairy Tail's Symbol"

Guild Symbol Tests

"The circulated drawing in the top of the page is the final approved version. There are a lot of attempts until get the definitive. I even made a negative comment on the lower left drawing."
Upper drawing: " Flag's center"
Lower Left Drawing: "Weak"
Lower Circulated Drawing:"Plaque"

"About the Characters' Names"
"The main character is called Natsu. Simply. My last character's name was Haru ("Spring", in japanese), and after Haru it comes Natsu ("Summer", in japanese). Happy's original name was Freyr. It's a norse god's name. But it was too much for him, then I changed to a more normal one. Lucy comes from the Beatles' music. At the time I gave her the name the music didn't get out of my head. I don't know what I was thinking when I gave Makarov his name, but I remember that I wanted to sound kinda russian. Mirajane was adapted from the name an avatar's name of a friend of mine that I met in a online game. I don't remember where I took the name Gray (ha,ha!). The name Erza (that's written "Eruza" in japanese) came from my heroine of my old short story, "Fairy Tale", Eru. Loke came from a norse god. I wanted a cute name for Elfman. Cana came from the Tarot Cards (Major, Minor Arcana) Hmm... reviewing, I have the sensation that there are a lot of names that I didn't think too much."

Personal Comments
Personal comments (I know that you don't care, but whatever): Create a symbol is hard guys, believe me... And lol that online friend should ask for copyright, she will earn a good money Herme