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    Magical Barrier Particles

    October 31, 2013 by Godisme

    Looks like I win the blog race this week. Take that Reli

    What a horrible chapter. I wanted a fight between Tempesta and Laxus. Instead, we get Laxus winning in two moves. What the hell kind of fight is that? It was nothing but a plot device to show that Tempesta can turn into those magic barrier particles and an excuse to make Natsu angry. Really Mashima didn't even try with this chapter. When the fight ended so early I thought maybe we are going to now switch scenes to something epic but no, Mashima just decided to take out the strongest active member of FT and put him on the verge of death.

    There weren't really any positives to the chapter. Its kind of cool that Erza is thinking what we are all thinking, that Tartarus is going after Jellal…

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  • Godisme

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  • Godisme

    The Nine Demon Gates

    October 25, 2013 by Godisme

    Stupid Mega not taking the stupid abridged he wanted so badly

    So Mashima really wasted a lot of space here. After such a fantastic start to this arc, he goes and wastes half the chapter on giving us the names of the nine demon gates. Really, this could have all been accomplished on one page, but Mashima felt he needed 8 to do it for some reason. The only interesting thing revealed in the frst half of the chapter was that these demons do serve Zeref. Thats it. Second half of the chapter is not much better. Freed, Bickslow and Ever working at Yajima's restaurant. I think Reli is the only one who actually really likes any of them but its Reli, so who cares about him.

    Then things start to get a little interesting. So much to the dismay of 80% of…

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  • Godisme

    Tartarus arc - Prologue

    October 18, 2013 by Godisme

    Fuck Im tired. I haven't been up this early in weeks

    So Magic Council yada yada yada they are all boring and all they do is rant about how they hate fairy tail but suddenly, explosions o.O Well, I can definitely see what Mashima said about shaking up the magic world. Also, applause to Mashima for killing every single boring member of the council but leaving the one likeable guy alive. If Doranbolt died, Rai likely would have cried, and seeing a fat black man cry is not something I really look forward to. Anyway, no this is where things slightly disappointed me. We know that Doranbolt has somewhat good ties with Fairy Tail. I was fully expecting him to show up at the guild, explaining what happened and asking for help. But instead we get the…

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  • Godisme

    Song of the Fairies

    October 10, 2013 by Godisme

    Holy shit, early chapter. I got up and did other stuff this morning only to come home a few minutes ago and find the chapter was out.

    Fan service \(_ _)/ Yeah, thats basically what this chapter was about. Also, congrats to Carrot, whose lineart was used in the fan art in the opening of the chapter :/. Surprisingly for once, it was less Lucy and more Erza fan service, which is always nice. But skipping past the 15 pages of fan service,the rest of the chapter was bland and uneventful. Walrod is.... dumb. Really, I don't like his character. The jokes were funny at first but now he has a complete inability to be serious, which bugs me. So then we have Taratarus, who it seems is in possession of the book of Zeref. Oh my god, the dark guild which…

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