So I was thinking to myself what the god dragons elements could be.
Five God Dragons
At first I saw about seven dragons and apparently a lot of people think there are six dragons shown here. The round thing with a dragon head on the left is not a dragon. If you look carefully it is coming out of the horned dragons mouth. Also I think that the elements of the dragons are the ones we have seen from god Serena. August says that god Serena was given his power by the five god dragons. The types of magic we have seen from god Serena are cavern dragon slayer, purgatory dragon slayer, sea king dragon slayer and gale dragon slayer. From right to left the four dragons seen match these elements. The dragon on the right is wingless and has a rocky uneven back so I assume it is a cavern dragon. The middle dragon with big wings is a purgatory dragon because it looks like atlas flame which describes its fire as the fires of hell and that they are hotter than normal fire.
Atlas flame
The horned dragon is a sea king dragon because of that big narwhale horn it has and those fins on its neck. The final dragon is a gale dragon because its the only one I haven't said yet. The final dragon ,who is flying at the top, I assume to be more powerful than the others. It might be a holy dragon slayer because of the halo on its head but it doesn't seem like stings dragon. I have no idea what element it is but its design kind of reminds me of god serena so I guess it might have the elements of the other four dragons.