Alriiiight, sorry about getting this one to you guys so late, had some connection problems...

Since the last blog had some problems with rule-following... ಠ_ಠ I'll make my own decision on whom the candidates will be. Don't worry, it's heavily based on popular choice, but any would-be candidates who CHEATED!!!!! won't become candidates. DEAL WITH IT.

Soooo, here we go~

1. Glass Heart 2. Sada 3. Wrath 4. Carrot 5. FTGM 6. Rem

There you have it. 6 candidates, of which 3 will become the finalists. It could've been more, but SOME people CHEATED!!!

So, as for the poll, in order to have an eligible vote, you must declare who you've voted for in the comments. EXAMPLE-

"Godisme's comment- Oh i voted for Fin his avi is fuking awsum, any1 who disagrez will be smyted FIN FTW 4 LYFE DESU"

"Remnant13's comment- I voted for Snorlass. She's so kawaii and cute and cuddly and adorable~"

"Wrath022's comment- I wanted to vote for Glass because Whee~!!.. (._. ) but I also wanted to vote for Sada because Sada x Wrath... ( ._.) I ended up voting for Sada. (._. ) ( ._.) (._. ) ( ._.)"

etc. etc. etc.

You can't vote for yourself, you can't use your socks to vote, so to make this simple, NO BULLSHIT.

Candidates voting!

The poll was created at 01:17 on September 4, 2013, and so far 44 people voted.

After this is the final poll, with 3 final candidates. This poll will no longer be in effect after September 7th. GOT IT!?!?

  • cries in corner cuddling with his avi*

next time... next time... ;_;


K, so I added Hungry, God and Mega into the poll and fixed Carrot. Not gonna even bother explaining what my issue has been lately. -_- Anyway, for those of you who have already voted, although the poll is basically reset, your votes will still be counted into the results.

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