Let me express my love for the cover first. Lucy dressed as a Magical Policewoman in a movie poster of some sort, also featuring Natsu and Happy as prisoners, as well as a Love Heart? What's this about? A cookie for the Nalu fans? ;D

Anyway... the Dragons wreck some shit and destroy the Face monuments! I'm not sure whether I like all of them appearing yet, I still expect to hear their explanation, as well as where they have been all this time, and why they weren't thrown up by their respective Dragon Slayers. Still, for so few Dragons(if we assume that only 4 of them returned, except Igneel) to instantly destroy more than 10,000 Faces, I'm about to call BS, but I'll still wait in case there are more coming.

So, FT's victory, everybody is happy, Gray glances at the E.N.D. book, yada yada... and it appears that the other Dragons appeared under similar circumstances with Igneel, although they weren't released from inside the DS... plot hole or not? Anyway, I loved Natsu's comment about not remembering eating Igneel xD just imagine at the end of FT Natsu finding out that he ate Igneel when he got hungry. Hilarious!

Igneel begins to explain that the reason they hid themselves inside the DS were for two reasons, one of whom is for them to not become like Acnologia. Mashima, however, extends the cliffhanger and says that they'll talk more after the fight, and for them to find the book, which is in Gray's hands. I imagine he'll do something stupid... ( ._.) anyway.

I liked the dialogue between Igneel and Acnologia, and how Igneel stated that Acno feared the Demons, despite the other denying that claim. Although Acnologia's purpose to destroy everything is a bit weak and one-dimensional. I wish he had better motives than pure destruction, since he appears to have intelligence.

Guess what though! Suddenly a wild Zeref appears and steals the book of E.N.D., saying that it's really important! Hoo boy, that's what I was waiting for. Next chapter's called Drop of Flames and I expect something epic to happen.

The Good

  • We learn where the other Dragons came from.
  • Dialogue between Acnologia/Igneel.
  • Igneel starts to explain stuff.
  • Zeref appears and steals the book!

The Bad

  • The Dragons destroying all those Faces like that ( ._.)
  • The Dragons coming out from the Dragon Slayers, despite us not seeing it, like with Natsu.
  • Acnologia's motives as a villain.

Final Verdict

Pretty good setup chapter, for what seems to be coming ahead, which is the end of the sixth part of the Tartarus arc! I didn't fanboy over it, but it was not bad, it was an okay chapter.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 413
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 6/10
Chapter 7/10
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As for other mangas, I did not read FT0 yet! However, I did enjoy Bleach this week, and also One Piece, because I really love Oda's style of finishing the minor fights first and the major fights after, and I also happened to enjoy the humor, as well as Baby 5's backstory! Also, I read the first chapter of Sukedachi Nine, and it seems like a really interesting manga with thought-provoking moral questions! What did you think of this week's manga? Let me know in the comments, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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