I love Lucy in the cover! She looks really nice with glasses on, I must say.

So, continuing from where last chapter left us, Makarov orders all the Mages via telepathy to go to the guild basement. Apparently Elfman will stay behind because he still feels guilt, and Bolty will tag along, because Makarov needs him to wipe everyone else's memories after they see what LH is, as well as his own. Nice! Dark Makarov is cool.

So, Igneel and Acnologia keep clashing, but there are no big developments there. Meanwhile, we get some more insight on Kyouka vs. Erza, as it seems that Mard was trying to contact her while she fought. Also, he explains that E.N.D.'s seal wants a major amount of Magic power to be neutralised, and that's why they plan on stealing the Magic of the entire continent. We then learn that it's in the Demons' genes to seek Zeref, as in, "find him to kill him".

That's right fellas. Since Zeref was cursed with immortality, he created his Demons to put an E.N.D. to him. Ring a bell? That's right! He counted on Natsu to kill him when he first saw him! We may have had some clues in the past, but now I think it all perfectly adds up to Natsu Dragneel = E.N.D.. However there are still questions; why did Zeref expect Natsu to kill him if the E.N.D. seal was not weakened at that point of time? Or, did Natsu understand that he is E.N.D., remembering his confrontation with Zeref?

But there's more to the chapter! Friggin' Gray Fullbuster appears, freezes Mard's spell solid AND gives Natsu back his scarf! GOOD FUCKING JOB GRAY! You're officially a cool badass! He also manages to wipe that smug smile away from Mard's face as he looks boss, and then he proceeds to freeze Mard's hand and explain that he is a devil slayer. AWESOME!

The Good

  • Gray. He was just so awesome I can't even describe how satisfying it felt seeing him freeze Mard and tell Natsu to be more careful with his scarf.
  • So much more insight on E.N.D. and Zeref!
  • Lumen Histoire/Makarov/Fairy Tail developments
  • Natsu = E.N.D. almost confirmed.

The Bad

  • Natsu = E.N.D. almost confirmed. I just wish it would be someone we hadn't seen yet, and not the obvious choice.
  • Still in flashback.
  • Acnologia vs. Igneel turned from badass to kinda boring, but there are other awesome developments so I can do with this.

Final Verdict

An exceptional chapter for a second time in a row! Seems like Mashima is on a roll after a series of pretty bad chapters, due to Erza being, well, Erza. Good job, once again!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 407
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 6/10
Chapter 9/10
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As for other mangas...I liked the end of Naruto and Sasuke's fight, so I guess Naruto was pretty good. Bleach was... fine, but I've had enough with so many soldiers dying and then getting resurrected. At least all the Sternritters of lower strength are probably dead now. What do you think? Let me know below!

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