Cover 400

Hell yes!

Guess what! The 400th issue of fairy tail came out of the blue on a Saturday! How awesome is that?

First of all, the cover! Just the original 3 we fell in love with, Natsu, Lucy & Happy, the first 2 being in some epic outfits! This cover is pure nostalgia, so I absolutely love it!

So, Acnologia has arrived and boy, he wrecks some shit up. The panel of him flying through explosions and ruins was just so epic and awesome and ominous that gave me the sense of impending doom that Acnologia has me used to. It's one of those instances that an image with no words and even no humans can get so many emotions out of you. Props to you for this one Hiro!

Of course, everyone begins to panic, even the members who were not on Tenrou. It makes sense though, considering that this guy defeated Fairy Tail's strongest with ease. Cana's epic face says it all. Meanwhile, Erza is not as shocked(or at least doesn't show it), while Kyouka doesn't even have a clue who that guy is. Minerva looks confused as well. At this point, let me say that it is interesting how different Hiro makes the reactions between people who have met Acnologia before and those who have not. It takes skill to draw different reactions about each character, concerning his personality and his meeting Acnologia before or not. So yeah, that's pretty minor but I liked it.

The most dramatic reaction, though, goes to Doranbolt, as well as Natsu! Lucy doesn't seem as concerned which is weird. However, something burns her up, which is interesting, considering that so far only Dragon Slayers are the ones with side effects since Acnologia appeared. The Twin Dragons are not doing much better either. Also, according to Mard Geer, even MARD GEER doesn't know what will happen now. This guy should spend more time with Juvia and Fro, looks like they have something in common.

Elfman, being the tough guy he is, tells everyone not to give up, despite facing Acnologia in the past himself. Atta boy! Acnologia keeps wrecking shit up, and I feel sorry for poor Cana crying. Mard Geer suspects that Acnologia is looking for E.N.D., which I thought was pretty obvious by now, but whatever.

Then the moment we've been waiting for for around 400 chapters finally arrives. Igneel finally reveals himself to Natsu, telling him to defeat E.N.D., while he stops Acnologia! At that moment, a light starts shining from Natsu's belly(?) and Natsu finally reveals all the emotions he's been suppressing for so long. We also get some sweet scenes from his time with Igneel. And then Igneel pops out of NATSU!

....Wait, what? I figured that Igneel was inside Natsu all this time as well, but not LITERALLY speaking. Wow... Natsu just gave birth to a friggin' dragon!!! Now it kind of makes sense how when Natsu got into trouble (like against Zero) he could sort of communicate with Igneel.

With this, Igneel attacks Acnologia, Lucy is left wondering if this is a dream and Natsu cries as he sees Igneel again.

So this chapter gave us a pretty huge revalation! Let's sort things out:

  • Igneel lived inside Natsu, and this is probably the case for all Dragon Slayers and their Dragons. When the Dragons one day disappeared in 7/7/X777, they somehow fused with their Dragon Slayers.
  • Sting and Rogue killed their Dragons though, so that shouldn't be the case with them?
  • Acnologia is looking for E.N.D. to kill him before he is restored.
  • Natsu must kill E.N.D. according to both Zeref and Igneel.
  • Lucy and Layla also fit into the frame somehow...the One Magic, Layla disappearing that same year, Lucy burning up with Acnologia's return...
  • Mavis and Zeref preparing to fight one another.
  • Makarov going for Lumen Histoire.
  • That's of less importance, but Sho also returned, Jellal and OS are on the move, and I may be forgetting some stuff but I seriously got very confused right now, so comment away anything I may be forgetting!

Of course, everything about this chapter is good and almost nothing is bad, so perfect score baby! I can't wait to hear everybody's theories concerning the next chapters to come!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 400
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10
Igneel vs. Acnologia!

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Fairy Tail's 400th issue was just released. How long do you expect it to go on?

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So...One Piece was great this week! I just love that Doflamingo is a dick and a shit person with almost nothing redeeming in his past. He sure is a great villain. Naruto finally reached the moment I wanted; Sasuke vs. Naruto baby! Hell yeah! Kenichi is ending next chapter too, so I expect an epilogue chapter. Bleach... meh ( ._.) what are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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