Cover 399

If you live with an open heart and legs you make friends everywhere!

This week's cover has none other than our favorite Celestial Spirit Mage on it! Anyway, it's a nice cover and Lucy looks cute but nothing else to comment on.

The chapter resumes exactly where it left off, with Erza facing off against Kyouka. We get some ecchi shots when Kyouka extends her nails and grabs Erza, so nothing out of the ordinary. Erza however breaks free and slashes Kyouka. So far this battle's... normal.

The next part's the weird one. Somehow when Alegria was broken Lamy multiplied. A lot. Now there are a bunch of lesbian fangirls twisting around. The funniest part though was Lamy asking Warren if there were any hotties in his guild and he pointed to himself xD self esteem is good but this guy overdid it. Anyway, Lisanna and Elfman stayed to fight the Lamy army and Mira went to save Erza and Minerva's asses.

Oh, and I also love Happy's(or is it Mashima's?) comment that having high expectations from Warren, Jet and Droy when it comes to combat is not the smartest thing to do ( ._.)

I can't say I completely understood Kyouka's quote to Erza "you're like one of us", but if I had to guess, I'd say that she means she wants to do with Erza the same thing she did to Minerva. She probably qualifies to become a good demon.

We finally get to see some Doranbolt, Wendy and Carla, apparently shortly after Cube crashes. However, she then hears something and faints, and that's all we see from them in one chapter. Back to Natsu and co. they have regained consciousness. Gajeel gives Levy the antidote to give to Porlyusica and Natsu hears the same something Wendy does. By now I'm guessing it's a Dragon Slayer thing...

...But it looks like it's not. Sting, Rogue and Mard Geer also hear it, with Mard commenting that it exceeds his wildest expectations(positive or negative?). Looks like everyone in the continent can hear that "voice", and out of nowhere BAM!!! A wild Acnologia appears!!!

Wow. We've not seen this guy for ages! Now I have to go back and pay more attention. According to Mard, he either came seeking a giant "Demon" (E.N.D.? Or someone else?) or Zeref himself. We then get a shot of Igneel saying that the time has come.

So, looking bad at the title it makes sense that Acnologia appeared. Now everything changes and I have absolutely no idea what will happen. We have Fairy Tail, Tartarus, the Faces, Jellal + OS wandering around, and now Acnologia and possibly Igneel. And honorable mentions to Zeref and E.N.D. who are also about to appear too. What is Mashima planning to do with all those characters at once? Beats me, but I am excited about it!

The Good

  • Acnologia. Need I say something more?
  • We saw Wendy and Doranbolt, but their story did not really progress.
  • The Lamy parts xD

The Bad

  • Erza's fight? It leaves me kinda...bored. I don't even know how to comment on it ( ._.)

Final Verdict

This chapter left me... confused. I certainly love the fact that Acnologia appeared, as well as Igneel, but I can't see or even speculate what will happen now. It was mostly a transition chapter, and I expect all hell to break loose in the next one. It's called "The Wings of Hope" so... Igneel anyone?? Also, it looks like Mashima's triple threat is a chapter with a color page, his new one-shot manga and Rubodama? All in all, if I got this correctly, we'll have one chapter, as usual!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 399
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 9/10
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Let's see... this week, I hated Bleach. I basically don't remember it, and that only happens if I hate something, sort of like being in denial. I really liked Naruto, it was a very emotional chapter and looks like the fight(and probably the manga) really is over. One Piece was AWESOME! Doflamingo got FALCON PUNCHED!!! I love the way Luffy & Law interact, as well as their teamwork. I need to see more of Robin though. Make it happen, Oda!

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