First of all...Happy New Year to everyone I've not seen/talked to yet from you guys. Secondly...I am REALLY sick (you could bake an egg on my forehead from the heat ಠ_ಠ ) so I'll be making this short.

It was a very good and epic chapter. It begins weak, but ends up very epic. The Games part, of course, made it for me. We learn the obvious thing (that Future Lucy came from...the future, duh) and, much to Leo, Natsu and Lucy's shock, falls unconscious after she says that "The country....will destroyed".

Back to the palace. Hisui is officially not stupid anymore, after 3-4 chapters of decent thoughts and actions. Now she says that she sent Lucy and Yukino to Hell Palace, having acquired and used their keys to open te Eclipse Gate first. Datong asks her if she's ready to take on the responsibility of the world on her hands, and she says she is not alone because she asked for the support of Arcadios and Datong (AKA her bitches >_>) and, anyway, after the boring stuff, back to the GAMES!

Minerva once again is a boss and makes Erza and Kagura her bitches (yes, biased Minerva fan here ಠ_ಠ). Kagura threatens her and asks for Milianna back, but Minerva said something like...

And so Kagura attacks her. I was excited because she went for bare-handed attack, but....

TADAAAAN! Minerva used her teleport Magic again and switched with Erza, which almost led to our favorite redhead getting her ass beat. Minerva then takes her leave and tells the other two that she will fight the winner, and brags about herself being the king. I say....GO MINERVA!!!'

In the beginning Erza and Kagura want Milianna back, but after Erza "acts like she is her friend" Kagura gets mad. Bitch, Erza met Milianna first! ಠ_ಠ

Anyway, we have some epic dialogue between Erza and Milianna before switching to....Gajeel and Rogue, who also begin their fight! Normally, this should be easy for Gajeel, since Natsu beat him, along with Sting. Except if Steel type is weak against Shadow type...but then this is not Pokemon, so I don't know how this will go.

Another obvious revelation! Orga is the Thunder God Slayer. Laxus is a boss and tells him that this doesn't matter. We get an epic shot of Juvia and Chelia's fight, as well as a shot of Jura's goatie ಠ_ಠ dafuq.

Finally, we get an epic last line of Sting, who says he will win this with his own strategy. And Hisui says that the outcome will be impossible, so I kinda doubt Fairy Tail will win...but then this is Fairy Tail we're talking about so I don't know.

Who will win the Games?

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And finally...

How did you like the chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 313
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 9/10
Subbing In Erza

Kagura ftw!

Who else is looking forward to Erza vs. Kagura??? I know that I am. This time, I support Kagura. Oh, and a theory about Minerva's Magic... I think it is Dimension Magic. See, she is able to change places without and anyone seeing her, and summon Gods from other dimensions, so I'm pretty certain. What I wonder is why she does not take Kagura's sword away....but anyway, it's still just a theory.

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