Not much to say about this one because not many big secrets were revealed, but at at the same time we got no action and because I'm bored.

Arcadios explains to Fairy Tail what the Eclipse Plan is: Use a Celestial Spirit Wizard, Lucy, in order to be able to successfully send the Mages 400 years in the past, when Zeref is vulnerable and mortal, and defeat him once and for all. Natsu is suspicious of Arcadios in the beginning and doubts him, but eventually forgets about him, as Datong arrives along with a bunch of soldiers and orders them to arrest Arcadios and Yukino, along with Lucy. Natsu prepares to fight them, but loses all his magical power and so Lucy is successfully arrested. After capturing Lucy, Datong reveals to Fairy Tail that, if they win, His Majesty, who is a fan of the guild, will have a hearing with the Mages and possibly even set Lucy free.

A pretty meh and okay-ish chapter, but nothing to be thrilled about. I would give it a 6/10. The question of the week is about something that I've been wondering in the last pages...

Why did Datong capture Lucy along with Yukino?

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Finally, what do you think about this chapter?

Chapter 302 was...

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