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  • FairyRaven

    First things first, cool chapter cover! I miss the days the characters used to have feasts and parties like that. Now on to the chapter!

    We see some movie sketches, and they look pretty cool! I'm not all that interested in that movie yet though.

    We see August IDGAFing about Serena being KO'ed, saying that Acno is not someone they can defeat without Fairy Heart. Freed and Lucy are in the infirmary, with Freed looking especially fab with his new hairstyle. They talk about the injured and then we move to Erza, Wendy & Carla, who are heading to Hargeon! Since their moment in the hot springs they have a lot of screentime together, so I wonder if something bad will happen to them. I hope not.

    But they're not alone. Gray and Juvia are also there, and Juvia has ma…

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  • FairyRaven

    Hello there, wiki! I'm back for another quick review for chapter 470.

    Erza in the cover, being sexy and shit. You know, the usual.

    As for the chapter, the Wizard Saints lay defeated, but not really; they ambush Serena with their ultimate Magics, but turns out Serena was not even serious when he almost killed them.

    Also I'm wondering what his "God Bye Bye" spell does

    He then attacks then with some Dragon Slayer techniques of different elements, including Earth, Wind, Water and Purgatory. Nice!!!

    I do wonder what's the difference between Sky and Wind Dragon Slayer though. As for Serena? Well, he consumed 8 different Dragon Slayers, and "Hybrid Theory" is probably what his magic's called. August adds that Serena is loved by the Dragon God (probably why …

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  • FairyRaven

    Hello everyone and a happy new year! And what a first chapter for the new year this was! Let's start at the beginning.

    The Sky Sisters on da cover, though my expression is fairly similar to Carla's, IDGAFing about it ( ._.)

    We see Lamia Scale & Mermaid Heel facing off against Alvarez. Lyon, Toby, Arania, Ooba, Chelia all do pretty well, until Badmann or whatever starts sending missiles towards them, which, expectedly, Kagura cuts through.

    I want to see more Milianna and Yuuka in action though. There, I said it.

    BUT this may come later, because for now, Kagura faces off against Dimaria, which was also kind of expected. Looks like Dimaria is a lesbian or a bisexual because she gets pretty hot about almost every woman she sees ( ._.) aaaaand we also have the mandatory …

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  • FairyRaven

    Yoooo~ how are you wiki? Seeing as nobody has made a review on the just released chapter, I thought "what the heck, it's been too long". A review had to be made, so here you all go.

    SABERTOOTH IN THE COVER OMG. Minerva is a goddess as always. The rest look good too I suppose ;D

    Invel's bitch face after Zeref's "death" tho xD I found it really funny. However,it looks like he is still alive, just... missing an arm? is this supposed to be an Igneel parallel? I think so.

    Then, we have the huge reveal.

    Oops, I mixed the franchises again. My bad.

    More reveals follow that one, i.e. that Igneel was unable to kill E.N.D. because he loved him, and that Mard Geer in fa…

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  • FairyRaven

    Hey guys! So this was a pretty dividing and controversial chapter, in the way that some people loved it, some hated it and most were okay with it.

    I like this type of covers that let us know exactly how the battlefield is developed at the moment. I don't we've had those since the GMG arc. Kinda nostalgic.

    So, Natsu once again displays maturity, in case you guys missed it 3 chapters ago. Love Happy's reaction as well! Could it be of significance that Natsu's opponent claims to love his scarf? I'm curious about that. Carla kicks ass with the occasional pantyshot, Wendy kicks ass with the occasional upskirt, yada yada... and Gajeel fights Yareem, who appears to use an ink-like substance to fight. At least that's what it looks like.

    Meanwhile, Gray+Juvia ha…

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