• Evanalmighty

    The only rule is that if you are a victim, you have to admit it in the comments section! If you're not, also the same thing. :D

    Once again adapted from Roranoa zoro.

    Have fun (probably not)!

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    • Evanalmighty

      This blog was taken from a very well known user from the One Piece Wiki (in fact, everything except for the first paragraph was taken from him) and in there it had 650 comments (to be exact, 696). So I decided to give this blog an experiment and see how many comments this will receive.

      This is a game :

      How to play :

      King of the Hill !
      • To end your comment, say "My hill" to claim the hill [Or even MH]
      • The Hill ain't yours always.
      • HAVE FUN.
      • Destroying the Hill ? : Allowed !
      • No teams.

      Example :

      B: I run towards the hill : My Hill!

      A: I use sishin-senson : blow B away : My Hill!

      C: Transport A to hell ! My Hill!

      A: My soul stabs C : MH!

      ....................................... and so on !

      Have fun .....guys/......girls/......what ever !

      [new guideline] :

      While c…

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