S'up. Lazy Dex is lazy.

Chapter 502 good points:

  1. Brandy's alive,
  2. Lucy's tied up,
    Lucy in Dimaria's Grasp

    Dimaria: "How is your skin so smooth?!"

  3. Dimaria's sinister af,
  4. GaLe's reunited,
    Levy Sitting on Gajeel

    This is totally war peeps

  5. Droy nearly died,
  6. Mavis used some brains,
  7. and Natsu's losing his head next week.

Chapter 502 bad points:

  • Mavis cut Mest off before he could confess either:

a) that he was a bitch ass and should be kicked out the guild as he nearly got Mira, Lucy, and Natsu killed because he was such a bitch ass, or
b) that he's into lolis and was going to confess.


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