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  • Derax-Pagani

    What's good people? Yes you read the title right, I'm reviewing Dragon Cry. Thanks to Carry for pointing out that the film was being aired outside of Japan otherwise I'd have missed it. Having said that, screw whoever the licence holder/distributor is for having it on at so few cinemas and only screening it once. ( .___.)

    Just so you're aware, you wont be reading or seeing any major plot spoilers or hopefully anything much in the way of spoilers as I've tried to be as ambiguous as possible. So no moaning in the comments about it ( =_=)

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  • Derax-Pagani

    What's good people, so possibly the most left-field battle of the arc just happened between the titular characters. Let's be frank here; who actually predicted that Kagura - Kagura - of all people would be the first to go up against Larcade? I sure as hell didn't.

    Before we get into that though, let's have a gander at how Oracion Sorciere are getting on- Oh... Oh, that's not good. The Oracion lot got totally crushed, not that we didn't already know this, but still. And Jellal's getting curb-stomped by August. *sigh* How many people actually wanted to see Jellal vs. August? I'm pretty sure there were a lot of people, from what I remember, that were praying to see Jellal vs. August as let's face it; in terms of variety of magic that he can use,…

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Chapter 507: Voice

    October 24, 2016 by Derax-Pagani

    S'up, I'm back by popular demand. And by popular I mean Sane and DM wanted me to do a review again. ( ._.)


    Well, not regarding the main group that is. Main reason I've not made a blog on the most recent chapters was because I didn't feel there was anything worth reviewing. Today however, that changes because finally we get to see Oracion Sorciere actually do shit! \( ^_^)/

    And immediately proceed to get mollywhoped... By August. The man's finally doing something, huzzah!

    Anyway, that's it. I'mma nap. Discuss, have fun, enjoy, bitch, whinge or argue. I don't care which.

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Chapter 502 Review

    September 17, 2016 by Derax-Pagani

    S'up. Lazy Dex is lazy.

    1. Brandy's alive,
    2. Lucy's tied up,
    3. Dimaria's sinister af,
    4. GaLe's reunited,
    5. Droy nearly died,
    6. Mavis used some brains,
    7. and Natsu's losing his head next week.

    • Mavis cut Mest off before he could confess either:

    a) that he was a bitch ass and should be kicked out the guild as he nearly got Mira, Lucy, and Natsu killed because he was such a bitch ass, or
    b) that he's into lolis and was going to confess.


    Proper review will be done tomorrow when I'm awake/with it.

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  • Derax-Pagani

    Cześć whores! As promised, we shall continue where we left off yesterday. Discussing the Shield's - currently wasted - potential. So let's just get stuck right into it.

    Before we kick off, as August, Irene and Larcade haven't really done too much in the grand scheme of things, we'll be leaving them for the time being.

    The Desert King is actually the easiest one of the remaining nine Spriggans to discuss in my view, as there wasn't really much wrong with him to be honest. The main criticism for him is; what does he do within the Empire?

    There was little issue with the fight itself as it was a display of Invel's calculating nature, something we have not many chances to see sadly, nor was there too much issue with the immediate conclusion of the…

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