Dark Seeker Kotsu

aka the Destroyer, the Walking Dad

  • I live in in the darkness in the heart of man.
  • My occupation is doing dad stuff.
  • I am the shadow.
  • Dark Seeker Kotsu

    Glass insisted I make a blog out of it. I wonder if Miku-Miku's gonna kill me for this...

    Yes people that I barely know or don't know at all (but nevertheless like, you all seem to be a fun bunch), I This random Dragon Ball wiki chatmoderator that you don't know am getting married to MikuS. This isn't just our wedding but a double wedding with my "cousin" Goku777 and the lovely Cocoabean (triple if you count Goku and Cocoa's darksides rawr ).

    So this is my personal invitation for all of you to join in if you want.

    It's going to be at the wiki I co-founded, link to it found here:

    It's on Wednesday, the 27th. (This Wednesday, FTW)

    It will be at these timezones

    Times (for so…

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