Hello all you lovely wiki users out, I just felt the need to wish you all a Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Crazy Kwanza plus any other holidays one might celebrate at this time of year, whether they be pagan or religious. I still think we should try to make Easter a bigger thing among Christians as I feel a man coming back to life is a little bit more of a spectacle than one being born. Still I digress, so I hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed sharing gifts with your loved ones and pigged out when dinner was on the table as it is the time of year to feast and not feel guilty.

Now on to business as 2014 is quickly approaching us, actually some of you are probably already celebrating when this blog goes up. Still whatever your plan is all I can say is that hope you’ll be able to remember it because a little something lots of people like to do at this time of especially if you’re heading out to a party (It's drinking alcoholic beverages for the minority of you who aren't aware). I know a few of my friends will be hitting the booze and one of us needs to make sure everybody gets home alright, I just hope that if I do end up carrying one of those friends home I won’t get any comments from a call girl mistaking us for partners again. So Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you the best of luck in 2014 and I’ll be cheering for you all the way as you try reaching whatever goal(s) you have set out for yourself in the New Year. As for me I've just devised a little list of what I hope I will be able to achieve next year, so here is...

Conza's New Year Resolutions

Warning: some items on the list can be recognised as preposterous and just plain unachievable.

So any of you guys and gals want to share your resolutions? Just leave a comment below and have a great night and I will see you all next year.

P.S. Special shout out of MDM and Prime just to say thanks for the Christmas wishes. I was in London so I do apologies for getting back to you guys so late but I will reply with a message sometime next year.

Also to to make this a little more Fairy Tail related here's a short review for Chapter 365.

80 Conza17
Surprised to see a chapter this week and I enjoyed it but could go down hill in the following weeks.

I was probably just won over by Jellal and OS having there little scrap and learning their true names. Got to say I was disappoint that Angel turned out to be Sorano as it was too obvious from the get go but I loved how Midnight's real name turned out to be Macbeth. I wonder if he'll try to become king. Still overall enjoyable, I guess I can excuse Erza's nudity as her armour and magic are closely related but I hope Natsu ends up falling against Silver or even Keith as if he's able to save Erza or Mira by himself I would lose a lot of respect for Tartarus and it would just feel like a waste, unless Tartarus was to just let him take, say Mira after she's turned into demon by Kyouka as it could just be away of Tartarus attacking FT at their base of operations.

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