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  • ChaosKnight

    Like the May edition, the June edition I received were small, and relatively blurry... Sorry about that... but I still manage to salvage some parts that were vital.

    Character Update: Samuel:

    • Samuel, knows as the (word blurred) of the "Legion Corps", the (word blurred) group owned by the largest Church Syndicate of Fiore, Zentopia. His unexpected "Mode change", is it to battle Pantherlily...?!


    • 135 Trail of the Myth 神話の足跡 (Shinwa no Ashiato)
    • 136 The True Villain, Once Again 真の悪、ふたたび (Shin no Waru, Futatabi)
    • 137 That Which Exceeds Calculation 計算をこえるもの (Keisan wo Koeru Mono)

    Opening and Ending:

    Twelfth Opening: Palm of the Hand (テノヒラ Tenohira) by Hero

    Better Source: Still Looking

    Twelfth Ending: Yell ~ The Thing For Shining (Yell (エール) ~ 輝くためのもの Ē…

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  • ChaosKnight

    The May edition of the latest anime story. The images I got, however were small, and some words were a bit blurry... so I cannot guarantee the translation to be fully correct... Anyways...

    New Characters:

    Dan Straight (ダン ストレイト Dan Sutoreito

    • He fell in love with a fairy tail member at first sight, and attacks fiercely...?! He uses a magic shield, "Ricochet", and a magic spear, "Habaraki". By the destructive force of his special (word blurred), even Natsu and them are confused!

    Jackpot (ジャックポット Jakkupotto

    • The key character(?) regarding to the "Continuous Church Destruction Incident"... with a slot maching that's attached to the chuck, which is attached onto the neck, just what kind of an enemy is it?!

    Samuel (サミュエル Samyueru

    • An exceed like happ…

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  • ChaosKnight
    • Name: Fairy Tail: The Color Residing In The Heart (FAIRY TAIL 心に宿るcolor)
    • Author: Miu Kawasaki (川崎美羽)

    I'm trying to get more information about the book, but except for the name and the author... I got nothing else. If there's more info, I will update it as soon as possible.

    Source: Here

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  • ChaosKnight

    The latest news on March 22:

    March 22, the rule of the main visual and the official title, "Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix" that was just finished has been lifted. On this main visual, it marks the debut of the appearance of the mysterious girl that's the guest character for the movie, "Eclair". This character carries a mysterious stone named "Phoenix Stone", which plays a very important role regarding to the mystery in the movie, and unexpectedly drags members of Fairy Tail and her in to a giant conspiracy.

    Furthermore, we'll also announce the details of the "Fairy Tail+ Movie Edition" that comes with pre-order tickets, which includes a limited edition special comic drawn by Hiro Mashima that will be on sale starting from April 14! …

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  • ChaosKnight

    Starting from April, Brand new Anime Original Story (AKA Fillers) will begin for Fairy Tail. From what I gathered, there is a new character that's in possession of Jude's important item... RAVE character making an appearance... and something about a ball in terms of dancing... Here are the translated descriptions:

    Michelle (ミッシェル Missheru):

    • She's Michelle, a girl who turned up in Fairy Tail to find Lucy. What is the very important item left by Lucy's Father that she's in possession of...?

    Jiggly Butt Gang (ケツプリ団 Ketsupuri Dan):

    • Even RAVE fans will be happy. The head of the Jiggly Butt Gang and them are appearing. Is danger approaching Wendy?!

    UPDATE From TV Tokyo Official Site (4/4/12):

    The name of the new arc: Key of the Starry Sky (星空の鍵 Hoshi…

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