Round 1 (Week of June 16):

  • KuroAshi98 vs. Tristian Tsunami
    • Winner: KuroAshi98
  • Fintin's Husband vs. Mejiaj1
    • Winner: Mejiaj1
  • Flipsy Gim vs. God Slayer
    • God Slayer (-TARDIS-) is disqualified for using Glitched Staraptor
  • Princess Juvia vs. Mohrpheus
    • Winner: Mohrpheus

Round 2 (Starting from June 27):

  • KuroAshi98 vs. Mejiaj1
  • Gim vs. Mohrpheus
  • Umnei vs. Ichigo vs. Tristian Tsunami
    • The Three way battle will work as such: All players in the group will face each other in one match, best of three. The two players with the highest matches won advances.
      • In case of a three way tie between players, players with the most Pokemon standing after each match will be the tie breaker.

Round 3 (July 16-23)

  • Gim vs. Kuro
  • Mejiaj1 vs Tristian
  • Mohrpheus vs Ichigo

Round 4 (August 4th)

  • Mohrpheus vs Mejiaj1
  • Gim vs Winner of Mohrpheus vs Mejiaj1

Notes and News

  • Chaos will not be participating in the tournament. Why would it want to lower people's chance of winning the grand prize? You are, however free to ask Chaos any question regarding your team and strategies. Chaos, however, will not help you to level up your Pokemon.
  • Like the nickname?
  • Please note that you have to lose two matches, not battles, to be eliminated.
  • -TARDIS- is disqualified from the tournament for using a glitched Pokemon, and confirmed by Chaos.
    • Please don't be hard on him. Being removed from the tournament is often already harsh enough on a player.
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