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  • ChaosKnight

    Time for some bonus content from volume 38 that was not in the chapters, it's the X791 Grand Magic Game Do-as-you-like Award Ceremony!!


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  • ChaosKnight


    MDM: I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuu......*Twinkle*

    Chaos: *Huff...Huff...* Anyways, as I was saying, it's time for-

    Jakuho: Are you going to troll us again, Mapa? I'm prepared for all of your shenanigans this time! *Death Glare*

    Chaos: I'll troll you guys in due time, but not now. Right now, I'd like to announc-

    Toshi: That you're leaving?! Noooo!! Chaos, you can't leave yet!!

    Mega: Gramapa!! How could you do this to us?! You promised that you'd stay until Fairy Tail ends!!

    Chaos: ...If you guys could stop interfering with me, I'd like to announce my own Fairy Tail Pokemon Tourney!!

    Hungry: lame

    Reli: Another tournament blog?

    Choko: Wheeee!

    Godisme: Everyone's copying me. Sta…

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  • ChaosKnight

    That's right, it's Mashima's next series that he created on the beloved April Fools Day. It's a short series about when the cats started a rebellion. Those of you that follows Mashima's twitter should've have seen it, but what about its translation?

    Page 1:

    • Happy: Cat Dragon's...
    • Happy: Iron fist!!!!
    • Natsu: Happy!!! Knock it off!!
    • Natsu: You want to destroy the guild?!!!!
    • Happy: Aye Sirrrr!!!!
    • Makarov(?): What power!
    • Makarov(?): I've heard that when Happy's serious...
    • Makarov(?): ...the world will be destroyed...

    Page 2:

    • Happy: Aye.
    • Lucy: It's not like we stood a chance against Happy in the first place...
    • Lucy: Erza's defeated as well...
    • Lucy: Along with Gray...
    • Lucy: ...and Laxus.
    • Lucy: And the Master has turned into a cat somehow.
    • Lucy: …
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  • ChaosKnight

    It is with utmost regret to inform you guys that Fairy Tail is coming to an end. From the information I have gathered in the latest volume, Fairy Tail is entering its major climax, and will end soon. In fact, Mashima has already designed the character for his next work nearly 2 month ago... While the title remained unknown, the twitter message said "A sketch of my next work. A young teen wearing Turkish style clothing." I apologize for holding back this information because I didn't want people to worry about the situation, but I can no longer hold back....

    Prostration Apology!

    |collapsed =yes }}Prostration Apology Again!

    EDIT: I think a lot of people has already gotten trolled by this, and the comments had people revealing the hidden co…

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  • ChaosKnight

    You know, I have only been on vacation for a few day (and I still am... Can't wait 'till I get out of it...), all sorts of Chaos are already running amok in Fairy Tail Wikia...... *Slow claps* Anyways...

    New Characters:

    • New characters with rich personality(?) continues to show up!! Are the enemies, or are they allies?! Confirm them by watching the broadcast!!
      • Lapointe (ラポワント Rapwanto)
      • Guttman (ガットマン Gattoman)
      • Grim Reaper (グリムリーパー Gurimu Rīpā)


    • It's "Satan Soul: Halphas" (サタンソウル・ハルファス Satan Souru Haurfasu), an idea created by Mashima-sensei!! In order to protect Elfman and Lisanna from Mary-Hughes, a grand battle using Satan Soul's "evolution form" shall develop into!!

    Oracion Seis:

    • Each one of the "Reborn Oracion Seis" has their appearance …
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