ChaosKnight ChaosKnight 25 August 2013

Grand Magic Game Do-As-You-Please Award Ceremony!!!

Time for some bonus content from volume 38 that was not in the chapters, it's the X791 Grand Magic Game Do-as-you-like Award Ceremony!!


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ChaosKnight ChaosKnight 29 May 2013

Let the tourney begin!!!


MDM: I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuu......*Twinkle*

Chaos: *Huff...Huff...* Anyways, as I was saying, it's time for-

Jakuho: Are you going to troll us again, Mapa? I'm prepared for all of your shenanigans this time! *Death Glare*

Chaos: I'll troll you guys in due time, but not now. Right now, I'd like to announc-

Toshi: That you're leaving?! Noooo!! Chaos, you can't leave yet!!

Mega: Gramapa!! How could you do this to us?! You promised that you'd stay until Fairy Tail ends!!

Chaos: ...If you guys could stop interfering with me, I'd like to announce my own Fairy Tail Pokemon Tourney!!

Hungry: lame

Reli: Another tournament blog?

Choko: Wheeee!

Godisme: Everyone's copying me. Sta…

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ChaosKnight ChaosKnight 2 April 2013

Mashima's next series, Cat Magic Games

That's right, it's Mashima's next series that he created on the beloved April Fools Day. It's a short series about when the cats started a rebellion. Those of you that follows Mashima's twitter should've have seen it, but what about its translation?

Page 1:

  • Happy: Cat Dragon's...
  • Happy: Iron fist!!!!
  • Natsu: Happy!!! Knock it off!!
  • Natsu: You want to destroy the guild?!!!!
  • Happy: Aye Sirrrr!!!!
  • Makarov(?): What power!
  • Makarov(?): I've heard that when Happy's serious...
  • Makarov(?): ...the world will be destroyed...

Page 2:

  • Happy: Aye.
  • Lucy: It's not like we stood a chance against Happy in the first place...
  • Lucy: Erza's defeated as well...
  • Lucy: Along with Gray...
  • Lucy: ...and Laxus.
  • Lucy: And the Master has turned into a cat somehow.
  • Lucy: …
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ChaosKnight ChaosKnight 27 November 2012

Fairy Tail To End After The Next Arc...

It is with utmost regret to inform you guys that Fairy Tail is coming to an end. From the information I have gathered in the latest volume, Fairy Tail is entering its major climax, and will end soon. In fact, Mashima has already designed the character for his next work nearly 2 month ago... While the title remained unknown, the twitter message said "A sketch of my next work. A young teen wearing Turkish style clothing." I apologize for holding back this information because I didn't want people to worry about the situation, but I can no longer hold back....

Prostration Apology!

|collapsed =yes }}Prostration Apology Again!

EDIT: I think a lot of people has already gotten trolled by this, and the comments had people revealing the hidden co…

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ChaosKnight ChaosKnight 4 July 2012

Anime News! July Edition!!!

You know, I have only been on vacation for a few day (and I still am... Can't wait 'till I get out of it...), all sorts of Chaos are already running amok in Fairy Tail Wikia...... *Slow claps* Anyways...

New Characters:

  • New characters with rich personality(?) continues to show up!! Are the enemies, or are they allies?! Confirm them by watching the broadcast!!
    • Lapointe (ラポワント Rapwanto)
    • Guttman (ガットマン Gattoman)
    • Grim Reaper (グリムリーパー Gurimu Rīpā)


  • It's "Satan Soul: Halphas" (サタンソウル・ハルファス Satan Souru Haurfasu), an idea created by Mashima-sensei!! In order to protect Elfman and Lisanna from Mary-Hughes, a grand battle using Satan Soul's "evolution form" shall develop into!!

Oracion Seis:

  • Each one of the "Reborn Oracion Seis" has their appearance …
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