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Lucy has been getting involved to be the main character of Story Arcs in FT after timeskip.The episode introduces Michelle Lobster, who is distant relative of Lucy Heartfillia.Michelle bring a case along with her, which is later revealed that Jude Heartfillia wanted Lucy to have it.Michelle involves herself as one of the FT guild member.Meanwhile, Macao Conbolt investigates on Michelle feeling something strange about her.

Michelle requests to go along with Lucy and her friends to catch a group of Bandits, so she gets to know about wizards.She helps Team Natsu to fight Bandits a much as possible.Later, she along with Lucy have a tea break in which she suggests to investigate about her Father' s memento.Lucy goes to guild to request to investigate about her Father' s last memento.The memento of Jude Heartfillia suddenly slips from lucy' s hand and it shows a ancient script written on it.Makarov says to lucy to forget about her father' s last memnto.

Good and Bad


  • Michelle is introduced.She is interesting but boring too.
  • Lucy' s father' s memento remains mystery.
  • Macao identifies something strange with Michelle.
  • FT is having a good filler episode, which do not affect the storyline.


  • Slow pace of storyline.
  • Lucy is being shown too weak to fight Bandits.
  • Bandits are not men, though phisically they are.
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