Hey, I like to post some of Fairy Tail's most powerful characters in the Alvarez Empire Arc around Chapter 490. Here is a list of the top 35 right now:

Top 35 List

01. "Black Dragon King" Acnologia

02. "Emperor Spriggan" Zeref Dragneel

03. "Scarlet Dispair" Irene Belserion

04. "Magic King" August

05. "Salamander" Natsu Dragneel (X792/Fire Dragon King Mode)

06. "Hybrid Theory" God Serena

07. "Thunder God" Laxus Dreyar (X792)

08. "Ace of Fairy Tail" Gildarts Clive

09. "Heavenly" Jellal Fernandes (X792)

10. "Grim Reaper" Bradman

11. "The Adjudicator" Wahl Icht

12. "Valkyrie" Dimaria Yesta (God Soul: Chronos)

13. "Black Steel" Gajeel Redfox (X792/Dragon Force)

14. "Country Demolisher" Brandish μ

15. "Sky Goddess" Sherria Blendy (X792/Third Origin Release)

16. "Desert King" Ajeel Ramal

17. "Master Assassin" Jacob Lessio

18. "Historia of the Dead" Neinhart

19. "Titania" Erza Scarlet (X792)

20. "White Ribbon" Kagura Mikazuchi (X792)

21. "She-Demon" Mirajane Strauss (X792/Satan Soul: Seilah)

22. "Ice Devil" Gray Fullbuster (X792/Ice Devil Slayer)

23. "Fairy Tail's Master" Makarov Dreyar (X792)

24. "2nd God of Ishgar" Draculos Hyberion

25. "3rd God of Ishgar" Wolfheim

26. "4th God of Ishgar" Warrod Sequen

27. "Iron Rock" Jura Neekis

28. "Princess" Lucy Heartfilia (X792/Star Dress: Leo Form)

29. "Sky Sorceress" Wendy Marvell (X792/Dragon Force)

30. "Dark Enchanter" Freed Justine (X792)

31. "Ace of Sabertooth" Minerva Orland (X792)

32. "The Shadow Dragon" Rogue Cheney (X792)

33. "The White Dragon" Sting Eucliffe (X792)

34. "Great Sea" Juvia Lockser (X792)

35. "Beast Arm" Elfman Strauss (X792)

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