• B214

    Comment for the chapter: Former friends, bitter enemies? Hmm sound cliche whatever.

    Chapter Analysis:

    • Best Moment of the Chapter: The 3 or should i say 2 Avatar members still not defeated yet. Congratulations to those that guessed that.
    • Worst Moment of the Chapter: Hmm no Briar perhaps?
    • Character of the Chapter: I'd say it goes to Gajeel, Gray could be consider for this spot too.
    • Upset of the Chapter: For me i'd say the fact Natsu vs Gray which was interupted half way. I guess Mashima doesn't want Gray to be defeated so soon.
    • LOL of the Chapter: Wendy and Juvia.
    • Holy Sh!t moment of the chapter: Gray erasing the FT mark? Well not really but maybe for some. IDK
    • Logic Fail of the chapter: How did Abel use Mr Cursey without Happy's hair/fur?
    • Jobber of …
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  • B214

    Bloody king of spirits what the hell did i just saw in this episode. Now i know it's probably not a bad episode to some or many but i just didn't like it like it.

    First off, how did Lucy suddenly regained her clothes. Even though i had guessed it since the preview, i never thought the anime would just suddenly change Lucy's outfit like it magically transformed back.

    Second, what the hell is with the Gottfried spell. It's like some random last minute though up super forgotten magic to try and make Hisui useful after making her so useless..... =__= This is actually worst than when they make Yukino use Urano Metria.

    Third, what's with the random Deneb appearance. ( .___.) They even make a lousy joke out of it by having the self defence system no…

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  • B214

    Caption this! 5

    January 4, 2015 by B214

    Just bored and found this extremely loathe-able picture to be used for caption. >__>

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  • B214

    Gray power up analysis

    December 13, 2014 by B214

    Okay just made this blog due to the recent ongoing discussion over Gray's Ice Devil Slayer (IDS) magic on whether it should be permanent or not. So i'll just write out my thoughts over this issue.

    Power-up permanent, the good:

    • Gray's character gets some development. I know some may not care about character development for Gray, and i don't care myself but others still do, and honestly Gray's character has been very stale ever since his return from Tenrou. When Gray died in the Eclipse arc, i even thought it was a good decision. Gray was originally introduced as Natsu's rival but by the time it reached to the Tenrou and up till the Tartarus arc before Gray became a Devil Slayer, i felt that Gray could no longer even be considered as Natsu's r…
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  • B214

    Episode 208 rant

    November 15, 2014 by B214

    After finishing the latest FT episode, i can't helped but to be pissed off and make this blog to express my displeasure.

    The 12 Golden CS knows about the effect of Liberum was a good info for me since we won't have to go with the plot of "this is not the freedom we want, please save us" type of plot plus it showed how determine the Eclipse Spirits are to obtain their "absolute freedom". But everything after that was just terrible, beyond terrible.

    First, didn't Hisui mentioned last week that only CS mage can use the Force Closed Gate Key, how come everyone can use it now. =___= Then Walren being able to do a long scale telepathy, didn't he say he had a limit range to how long and wide he can use telepathy in the Tartarus arc. Where's the log…

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