Hopefully i'm not breaking any policies here. Anyway on to the chapter.

We now know the cause for this Natsu-Gray mess, waifus. Wow, Mashima hyped the entire Gray issue with E.N.D., the all seemingly important task from his dad, only for it to turn out to be a fight to vent out their frustration over losing their waifus. Silver and Igneel must be proud of Gray and Natsu. -_-

Lesson learnt here: Never ever trust Mashima with anything that has supposedly good hypes, it'll end up being disappointing. This chapter pretty much allows us to guess how this Natsu-Gray death match can be solved already. Natsu went "berserk" because he thought Lucy's dead. Gray's snapping at Natsu because he thought Juvia's dead. The solution is quite obvious.

I guess we should thank Mashima for allowing us to know how this is going to be solve, so we don't need to waste time with meaningless speculations and move on to other stuff like:

  1. When will Erza meet Irene?
  2. Where in the red lightning is Laxus?

Also Gildarts & Erza, motivation won't allow you to overcome everything, like old age. Makarov looks like he's dying out there, no amount of motivation is going make him younger by 10 years.

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