Even though it was a good chapter, good enough to keep me slightly interested in it, i still can't get the feel about this fight. I guess the fact that Juvia's chances of living being high is a factor. After the Gajeel incident, this chapter just feels empty, you can't actually pour in any emotions into believing Juvia is actually dead or will die. And it was a nice chapter too, if only the setup to this was a bit better. Maybe it'll change if Juvia is actually dead, though i'll probably be celebrating than crying in that situation.

That being said the blood transfusion moment was kinda dumb, like some poor attempt to get feeling out of this. If preventing blood lost is enough to keep you two alive, Gray could've just freeze the wounds to prevent the blood from flowing out anyway, why didn't he just do that from the start? And how did Juvia know whether her blood type is the same as Gray? If their blood type are different, Gray could've died too. But then again we already got two guys alive and well despite having consumed "lethal" poison in their body, so i suppose blood type being different means nothing at this point.

Either way, the 500th chapter is upon us, hopefully something interesting happens by then.

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