Finished my exam... Not feeling too good about it... *sob* Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! My science exam!! I already got 3 answers wrong!! What kind of person am I? Huh, and I have to wait one month?! ONE FREAKIN' MONTH?! Like I'm gonna live that long... I'm not a very patient person. Really...*sigh*

Well, now to the real blog post.

Okay, this happened a year ago. I once read (or so I think I did) a chapter of Fairy Tail! There's a scene with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy.

Natsu: 7 July 777. That's the day when Igneel disappeared (keeps walking with Happy. Lucy suddenly stops a few feet behind Natsu)

Happy: What's wrong Lucy?

Lucy: That's the day when my mother died.

I don't remember the details, but the conversation is more or less like this. That's how I know that Lucy's mom died on the same year as the dragon' disappearance. Not because of Layla's grave stone. I tried looking it up again, but I couldn't find the chapter. I asked other people in Fairy Tail forums, but they don't know. Some said that there's no such chapter.

I know I read it before! Can someone help me find it? If there is such chapter. But.. but.. I know I read it! I don't want to be called crazy. That chapter has to exist! Right?