Favourite Characters

My Favourite Characters
Who Why Picture
Laxus Dreyar It's hard to describe precisely why I like Laxus, to be honest. Ever since he was first introduced, I was really interested by him. At first, he might look like a massive douchebag who just exists to anger people and get into the girl's pants but once you look closely, you can see that there's a complex, interesting character inside. Of course, it being 'his arc', I also like the Fighting Festival arc. Volume 15 was the first manga volume I ever purchased. Laxus in the 10th Opening
Mystogan Mystogan always struck me as something of a question mark, which was pretty much the intention I guess given his name (derived from mystery, right?). I always wanted to know a bit more about him and when his face was revealed to be that of Jellal Fernandes, I was pretty surprised (though the visible blue hair did have me guessing) and wanted to know more. Though we eventually found out more about him through the Edolas arc, I never found myself satisfied with the way he departed since it felt forced, though his final bout with Natsu was among my favorite moments in the series nonetheless. Mirror Water
Jellal Fernandes Some might argue that Jellal is the most overused character in the series, and while I would actually agree, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. He's appeared as a villain, amnesiac, nakama-magic inducer and a full-on ally and is the only character to do so. I find him to be a very interesting guy and I really like his appearances. His design is also pretty cool, even if it's heavily similar Sieg Heart from RAVE. Heaven Breakdown
Gildarts Clive I like Gildarts a lot, sadly there aren't any good gifs for his portrayal. Anyway, the dude is absolutely hilarious with the way he talks and his attitude towards just about everything. That time he listed all the women he slept with, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a manga in my life. Gildarts Magic Aura

Neutral Characters

Neutral Characters
Who Why Picture
Gray Fullbuster When one first reads or watches Fairy Tail, you're likely to compare Gray Fullbuster to the dark haired rival of a certain yellow haired ninja. When I look a bit closer, this rivalry almost seems a bit forced. It's not that similar to that of Naruto-Sasuke given that Natsu is basically stronger than Gray and not that far behind in intelligence. Still, Gray's definitely one of the funniest characters around, though it's entirely due to his stripping habit. Perhaps none of what I've written about him makes sense, but I'll work on explaining it. Ice-Make Ice Geyser
Lucy Heartfilia Yes, ok, she's very hot but that only takes you so far. With me, it takes her to neutrality cause I just can't find myself to care about Lucy Heartfilia all that much. I think she's definitely got her good and bad points and while she's taken an upswing recently, she still remains moderate to me. But I just can't hate Lucy because without her we'd lose half the fanservice. Lucy-Kick-animated
Erza Scarlet I didn't really care much for Erza when she first showed up. All too often, we see female characters show up and display how they are far superior to the protagonist while still praising his strengths and Erza isn't an exception. But at the same time, I do like the growth she underwent so far in the series. We can see how far she came from being a scared little child to the strongest girl of Fairy Tail and this makes the Tower of Heaven arc among my favorites. Also, she's hot. Trinity Shot

Least Favourite Characters

My Least Favourite Characters
Who Why Picture
Happy I do not hate Happy, I just like him a lot less than everyone else. He only seems to be around for his marketing value, to be honest. Dancing Happy
Natsu Dragneel Really, I don't hate Natsu, I just dislike him a lot less than the other characters. His personality has been done before so many times it's a headache to think of how many times. His nakama speeches have also been overused to the point that the only one that really could've been good (Team Natsu vs. Hades) was so late into the series that one wouldn't really bother at that point. I also found his transportation sickness to be funny until he got sick from being carried by Lucy; that was just ridiculous. Orange-Fire
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