aka Ron Jeremy

  • I live in the place where a lot of girls naked
  • My occupation is a Maxim Magazine Assistant
  • I am a Pervert

About Me

Lucy sexappeal attack

I'm not pleased to meet you, read it or not just shut your mouth up. YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME, I'M A PERVERT, DEVIANT ARTIST AND KILLER. SATISFIED? IF YOU'RE NOT FUCK YOU!!

Top 5 Favorite characters

1.Lucy Heartfilia 2.Erza Scarlet 3.Meredy 4.Wendy Marvell 5.Cana Alberona

Top 5 Favorite Magics 1.Giant 2.Requip 3.Fairy Law 4.Demon's Eye 5.Dragon Slayer Magic

Here's some of my art!

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