The Venerable Bede

aka XV

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is Koala Dance Bot
  • I am Male
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|content={{Watches}}{{Reads}}{{TeamNatsuSupport|likes|because their hilarious and well cooperated}}{{NatsuSupport|because|he's the funniest anime character I've ever seen.}}{{Mage}}
|content={{Watches}}{{Reads}}{{TeamNatsuSupport|likes|because their hilarious and well cooperated}}{{NatsuSupport|supports|because he's the funniest anime character I've ever seen.}}{{Mage}}

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About me
I'm a bit gloomy and introspective. I don't do well when socializing with friends. In fact, I don't very like socializing at all. I, also too has an Otaku side, I love Anime and Manga. Also, my hobby is drawing. I do basketball, surfing, searching and stalking profiles (does not mean I'm a creep and a pervert, I just like to see people's faces.)

Also a good dancer and seemingly talented Tutter(Tutting). Btw, I'm also a seminarian and I am currently undergoing the process of priestly formation and training.

My Badges
Watch Badge Pic This user watches the anime, Fairy Tail.
Read Badge Pic This user reads the manga, Fairy Tail.
Team Natsu's reaction to the new building This user likes Team Natsu because their hilarious and well cooperated.
Natsu mugshot This user supports Natsu Dragneel.
Guilds Logo This user is a Mage of Fairy Tail Wiki.

My Fave Pages
Favorite Protagonists or Allies:

Favorite Antagonists or Villains:

My Goals

My Goals are the following:

o Have many Edits, that makes one go "Mother Of Edits", kiddin. o Edit LIKE A BOSS o Join a Guild o Be an honor student o Support FairyTail Manga and Anime till the end o Have a GF o Make Love o Married

wait I'm getting way overboard...sorry you have to see that...

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