Fair Use Rationale (Anime)

{{Fair use rationale 
| Description =  
| Source = Fairy Tail Anime by A-1 Pictures and Satelite
| Portion = Episode
| Purpose = To Illustrate Articles
| Resolution = 
| Replaceability =  
| Other Information = }}

Fair Use Rationale (Manga)

{{Fair use rationale 
| Description = 
| Source = Fairy Tail Manga by Hiro Mashima 
| Portion = Chapter
| Purpose = 
| Resolution =  
| Replaceability =  
| Other Information = }}

Reference Anime

<ref>Fairy Tail Anime: Episode </ref>
Duplicate: <ref name="Episode ">Fairy Tail Anime: Episode </ref>

Reference Manga

<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter, Pages </ref>
Duplicate: <ref name="Chapter, Page ">Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter, Page </ref>

Scroll Box

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Image Regards

{{No license}}
{{No Rationale}}
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{{Image Violation|Ximon Vargas|{{User:Ximon Vargas/Sig3}}}}


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