The Magicentury

aka Robsong is my ship and I approve

  • I live in แนฑแธฃแธ แน€รฆแธฝแนฅtแน™แปฝ๊ฌบ, แธŸแน™แน๊ฌบ แบ…แธญแนฑแธฃแธญแน… โฐ
  • My occupation is โ† Never mind that now, I dare you to check out my website (ใƒป_ใƒปใƒพ
  • I am the lorax i speak for the trees
  • Bio I'm too lazy to edit
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I am the 937th Battlemage of the Adamant Choir, and can efficiently use written tomes by the Unseen Cult.

A rogue edge, rarely making contact with the Fairy Tail guild.

Accomplished rather impressive milestones using Magic from the hand itself, channeling aether from within, turning yourself into a living weapon.

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