The Magicentury

aka 暗い収穫が近づいています ...

  • I live in "if u f*p this fall, God will smite u all"
  • My occupation is bundling myself neck-high in a soft blanket and shoving an entire Kleenex box up my nose whilst hearken not to politics and conspiracy theories, but earape
  • I am practitioner of not being political, reticent individual, utilizing word phrases from RobTheBobert, sh*tposter, ΔΩ YΩU CㅏㄹㄹY ㅏ ΛㅏNTЭㄹN, caffeinated coffee consumer, minimalist yet verbose sophist-
  • Bio I'm too lazy to edit; I have horrible stamina for long sessions of editing. My username is not any sort of misspelled abbreviations of "Magic-entry," but rather pronounced "MAG • eh • Century;" "Magi" is simply pronounced "MAH • JEE."
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I am the 937th Battlemage of the Adamant Choir, and can efficiently use handwritten tomes by the Unseen Cult.
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