Herro! I'm Buddy :D I can speak 10 languages cuz 3 of them are actual languages and the others are just made-up gibberish xD I love Fairy Tail and I support lots of couples :D At first I like Natsu, but there's too many rivals although I can just burn them all like I do to other characters' fans >:D so I change to Gajeel :P Hope I get to talk to you guys! :D

20 facts

  1. I'm Thai (cuz we rule and we're nearer to Japan :D)
  2. My fav dude is Gajeel
  3. I wanna help out :D
  4. Don't ask me about my favorite food. I got 100. You would get bored over time xD
  5. I need suggestions on manga cuz I'm only reading a few :P
  6. Thai people loves Fairy Tail, man! :D
  7. I don't buy Fairy Tail comics cuz I've only start catching up a couple of months ago so buying all of them would cost me a lot :P Sorry Hiro-san!
  8. I can't speak, read or write Japanese. That sucks Dx
  9. I like all colors except pink. I mean come on! Pink?!?
  10. My fav Japanese band is X Japan. They're the world's most awesome old geezers xD
  11. My fav number is 13. 13 ftw~!
  12. My birthday? It's up there! Read it!! xD
  13. I'm still going to school so I'm not an oldie xD (or am I? O_O)
  14. I love all of the arcs!
  15. When I work out math formulas, I prefer a calculator. Cuz calculators were invented for this xD
  16. I love tarot cards :P
  17. Twenty! *[]*


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