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Name: Wes

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Magic: Storm Dragon Slayer

Likes: Sleeping and/in the rain

Dislikes: Dark PLaces

Personality: His actually a very out-going person and is happy-go-lucky, however he is not used to making any new friends.

Guild: None

Weapons: None

Looks: He has light blue hair and mostly likes to wear a dark blue jacket.

Back Story: Like all the other dragon slayers, his dragon, Storm Dragon Blust, left him on the 7th of July, 777. He has since wandered around on his own but is currently looking for Wendy, whom he met went Blust was visiting Grandine and were friends for a short while. As Wendy was too yound then, she soon forgotten about him. So, for know he just goes around looking for a nice place to settle down.

Magic Explanation: Unlike most other dragon slayers, his Storm magic is actually a high level Transfo-Creation magic which allows him to be change have any element he chooses solidify and form various body parts of a dragon. He uses other elements eg. Fire, Metal & Air and combines them together to form the Storm element which is a type of magic that if not well controlled, destroys anything around the user.

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