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~ SoulRise99 ~
Greetings visitors! I'm SoulRise99 and welcome to my Profile page. Here is where you can see some infos about me, so feel free to browse.

~ Characteristics ~
Gender: ♂️ Male
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Trans (Normally Hazel to mostly Green, sometimes Brown, or occasionally Blue or Red)
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 122 lbs
Personality: Complex (by most people), Mysterious (by the ladies), and mostly speculated to have PDD (Autism Spectrum/Asperger's Syndrome), impulse control disorder, and other disorders (speculated, supposedly diagnosed by doctors)
Describe myself the same as most people and the ladies, excluding doctors' as debunked. Can be a little bit immature at times with humor as well as stupid with it
Language: English, Italian, Spanish, & Japanese
Sexuality: Trans (Straight <-> Asexual)
Nationality: American
Known Ethnicity: Italian, Irish, Scottish, and English (Caucasian American)
Other Ethnicity (Genetic Background User Thinks They Are): Known Ethnicity plus Hispanic, Latino, African American, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Swiss (Multicultural)

~ Wiki Status ~
User Rights: None
Occupation: Concurrent User
Base of Operations: User page
First Edit: Nathaniel Fernandes (speculation)

~ Personal Information ~
Status: Active
Favorite Characters: Nathaniel Fernandes, E N D & Zeref Dragneel

~ User Trivia, History, & etc. ~
* I was suspended in the 8th grade for immature behavior as an influence from TV character Achmed
* I graduated from Bristol Central High School as a Cross Country runner in 2018
* Since my own User stat template can’t fit this format, here’s a format of my own personal evaluation that fits the template:
Physical Abilities: 6/5
Mental State: 4/5
Responsibility: 6/5
Intelligence: 5/5
Maturity: 3/5
* As per reasoning of adding too much personal information, I like to be honest nowadays since my lies always got me in trouble no matter how good of a liar I was
* I define myself as transexual because I am usually attracted to women, but there are times when I’m not interested in dating at all
:* The reason being is because I did terrible things to women in my past that would be considered sexual harassment and yet it’s not
:* The problem is that I mentally can’t forgive myself, which causes my heart to ache and my feelings of guilt to rise while other emotions start to fade away
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