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Favorite Characters

Juvia Lockser
Mirajane Strauss
Laxus Dreyar

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Water Magic
Take Over
Dragon Slayer Magic

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Hello everyone, welcome to my profile page, my name is Tony but feel free to call me anything as I don't really mind about names. I am currently living in Australia and learning English since 2005. My English are still not as good as many of you people around here. If i have any mistakes on the grammar around here, feel free to tell me and I'll try to fix them. Since I am learning Australian English, my spelling will be different than the ones around here since you guys are using US English.
This may sound weird, but I really like words that has uncommon letters in them, like V, W, J, X, Z etc... the words just sounds so good with them haha like Juvia..

Feel free to chat with my on talk page or you may find me on Chat sometimes.


P.S. I'm actually a guy people might mistaken me as a girl because I liked Juvia, I just love the way she talks and her element of magic. My Favourite.

Favorite Characters

Juvia Lockser

I really love the way she talks and personality, except the part where she mad in love with Gray. I like how she acts so normal as if she doesn't have any emotions towards anyone. I also like how she talks as a third person which i sometimes do that when I talk to people. She has a really nice personality towards everyone ever since she joined Fairy Tail.
Her Magic is one of my favourite type of magic, Water Magic. I love how she can just manipulate water and do anything with it she desires. Most of her attacks are just really good. I would like to see more of her battling other people.

Mirajane Strauss

Another really good character, she changed from a bad-ass personality to a nicest person you could see in FT. Her love towards Lisanna is just the same as every single siblings in the world. My favorite part of her is when released her true power when Freed tried to kill Elfman. She doesn't like deaths, especially if it's around her family.
Take Over, another good magic, able to transform into a monster and create destruction, Mirajane has very powerful take over, Satan Soul, being able to defeat Freed with ease. And also able to cast numerous elemental spells which is really good. I really love how she was able to use Satan Soul: Sitri in manga, but it didn't show much which kind of disappoint me since I want to know what kind of Magic it is capable to use.

Laxus Dreyar

I like this character because of his personality and Magic, a kind boy changed to a person wants his name to mean something and then back to a more understanding person. Lightning Magic, another reason why I love this character. Lightning magic is a bright magic, being able to possess and control lightning wherever and whenever. I also like how he could travel using lightning something really nice if these things exist O_O.

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