He is a male mage who's height rivals that of no other, towering above friends and foe standing at nearly seven feet tall and usually considered handsome by most of the other girls. He is rather muscular at least more muscular than most having very dominant and noticable features mostly notable his abs(unseen). He has light brown eyes and a nice, youthful appearance. He commontly wears a knight armor(like Erza Scarlet with a black cape on his leg. He has very spiky and upward pointing brown hair and commonly carries his sword on his back for easy access.

Seven years later, while his appearance is virtually the same except for his hair having become longer and more scraggy. His outfit now is darker knight costume with a black cape on his back.


Renelle is an easy going and laid back person. His kind, and innocent personality is only complimented by his childlike face and playful personality. Commonly disregarding and ignoring Jose Porla's orders not only once. He seems bit interested to Mirajane Strauss and he's quite pervert as he mention that he always looking forward on her in the Sorcerer Magazine.

Before the battle starts it seems that he greets his enemies first before they proceed to a fight. When he fights, he's very carefully analyzing magic and capabalities of his enemies before to charge an attack. During the incident of Tenrou Island he was shown to be very angry to Grimoire Heart invasion as he cast his storm magic to the whole land.


Jose's dark personality

Jose started to think a plan to destroy Fairy Tail.

Years ago, Renelle was a child and left by his father who's finding a guild and a job to support him. His father meets Makarov Dreyar the guildmaster of Fairy Tail and they've become friends. A few months have passed, The Fairy Tail popularity increased and Phantom Lord Guild Master Jose Porla started to think a plan to bring Fairy Tail out of their misery.

Makarov vs. Jose

Jose and his Father clash.

When his father is on a job, His father tried to recruit by Jose Porla. He refuses the offer and challenge him to a duel. His father lose the duel(he actually died) and Jose managed to win(whose gravely injured at that time). Several days ago, the news has spread to Magnolia Town and he pledged to himself that he will be a great mage someday and to give vengeance for his father's killer.

Several years later, after his father's death. He decided to travel all over the town to find a guild and a job to support his daily needs, he was founded by Master Jose(not knowing that he is his father's killer) told him some lies to his father's killer. This was a plot for him to join the guild and knowing that he will be a great mage someday because he is the son of a man whose power can be par on Ten Wizard Saint.

He decided to join the guild, several months later he was promoted to S-Rank Mage and become Phantom Lord Guild Ace.


Macao Arc

Lucy Proud

Lucy was seen trying to seduce a Magic shop owner

He was first seen by Juvia Lockser taking a job and reminded him to take a rest for a while. Renelle told her not to worry and left. While walking to his job he saw Lucy Heartfilia uses her sex appeal to make a discount, Renelle started to think that she's a prostitute woman. On his way home, he saw Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Macao Conbolt passing by thinking that Lucy is an awesome woman that she manage to flirt with two boys in a day.

Daybreak Arc

Miras pictures

Renelle bought all Mirajane sexy cover in Sorcerer Magazine

Renelle was seen buying Mirajane latest cover and started to compliment how gorgeous she is. He began to talk his guildmates about how much he wanted to see Mirajane in personal, While talking, Jose heard their conversation and he stop Renelle for what he wanted to do and he said that Fairy Tail is a rival guild and there will be a right time to settle who's the strongest guild in Fiore.

Lullaby Arc

Erza's coming home

Renelle heard some giant footsteps not knowing that she is Erza

After Jose's rejection, he disobeyed his orders. In comedic side he comments that his master is only jealous because he doesn't know to be inlove and he left. While walking outside he heard some rumor that one of the fairy strongest mage is back and as he continued to walk he heard a giant footsteps which is Erza Scarlet. When he saw her, he comments how beautiful she is, he admitted that Fairy Tail Girls are beautiful. When he tried to block her way(in a comedic way),at that time he wanted to ask Erza if Mirajane is in the guild before he deliver what he wanted to say, he was accidentally kicked by Erza and she said to him that she was in hurry. After Erza left, some members of Dark Guild named Red Hood laughed at him and tried to kill him thinking that he's weak. Before they tried to kill him, He unsheath his sword "Kusanagi no Tsurugi" defeating all of them. After what happened, he left and saying that "In battle, sheer numbers doesn't an advantage it is giving you an opportunity to attack all at once". He is seen next watching Team Natsu defeats the Lullaby and amazed by their destructive power.

Galuna Island Arc

Master Jose

Jose calls for a meeting

Renelle alongside with Gajeel Redfox, Totomaru, Aria, Juvia Lockser was called by Jose Porla(Phantom Lord Master) for a meeting. Jose told to their plan to kidnap Lucy Heartfilia and he mentioned that this was an important request by one of the richest organization in Fiore the Heartfilia Konzern whose owned by Jude Heartfilia. He comments that this is the right time to settle who's the real strongest guild. He is not interested in the job and telling Jose that count him out. Jose questions and noting him that he's the Ace of the guild. He replied "A Guild can win with or without ace, it's based on the determination of a member if he's willing to win or not" after saying those words he left. Jose resents him for disobeying his orders and he command the others that the plan is still ongoing without him.

Phantom Lord Arc

Jose is defeated by Makarov

Renelle arrives at the scene seeing Jose was defeated by Makarov

After disobeying Jose orders, He decided to walk alone. While walking around, he was blocked by a whole Red Hood Guild again for revenge. He comments that dark guild nowadays are aggressive than before, he unsheath his "Kusanagi no Tsurugi" and perform "Arashi Tsubasa" to obliterate them. He managed to defeat all of them, he realized even dark guilds are uniting if they see that person is a threat or an enemy. He decided to go back and tried to persuade some divisions of Phantom for help. When he back, it was too late for him to persuade them that the remaining division was obliterated by Mystogan. After that incident, he tried to join the Guild War but he's too late. He saw that all of his fellow guildmates including Element 4, Gajeel Redfox, and the GuildMaster Jose Porla was defeated by Makarov and Fairy Tail.

Loke Arc

A Week after the Guild War, He still blamed himself for what happened to his fellow members. He decided to travel alone and find the whereabouts of his father's killer.

Tower of Heaven Arc

Mirajane talks to Elfman

He was seen by Mirajane!

While travelling, a lot of things flashbacks on his mind including what Jose said to him. Some years ago, Jose stated that one of the Ten Wizard Saints killed his father. He goes to Fairy Tail to confirm if Makarov is his father's killer. When Renelle reached Fairy Tail, he was surprised seeing the aftermath result of Fairy Tail and his guild done. He decided to enter the guild, Before it happens she was spotted by Mirajane. She ask him who he is, then he pretend that he wanted to join the guild. Mirajane ask her master's approval, then Makarov agreed. He become an official member of Fairy Tail (Guild). He greeted by Team Natsu and they make a simple party for their new member.

Natsu and Erza on vacation

Renelle and Team Natsu at the beach

After the party, Team Natsu decided to use the vacation ticket given by Loke. Makarov decided to let Renelle accompany Team Natsu, he pointed out that as a new member this can be able to help him to have some fun and job experience with teams. When Team Natsu reach their destination, they started to play and relax while Renelle is thinking his past memories about his father. After their beach vacation, the group was decided to went on a casino, unexpectedly by going there will leads them to a danger situation. Erza Scarlet and Happy was kidnapped, Gray calls Renelle seen thinking something upstairs and the two follow Natsu. When they are on the Tower, they scattered around(so that they can find Erza and Happy easily) but each of them was intercepted by Sho, Wally Buchanan and Millianna. He started to unsheath his "Kusanagi no Tsurugi" some minutes passed he was successfully defeated Wally.


Ikaruga is about to unsheath her Mugetsu Ryu

After they finished their respective fights, Jellal Fernandes started to speak via microphone, who tell them that Etherion is about to fire at the tower. As he walks forward, he was confronted by Ikaruga, commented on how handsome he is. Renelle unsheath his sword and tried to attack Ikaruga, it was easily deflected by Ikaruga's Mugetsu-Ryu. As the battle progress, Renelle tried to performed "Arashi Tsubasa" it was easily shattered by Ikaruga's sword. When Ikaruga tried to finish the fight, Renelle performed "Kokunagare" leaving Ikaruga sword destroyed. After Natsu defeats Jellal, he was seen next accompanying them back to the guild. Upon their return, Renelle and Team Natsu was surprised that the guild is well designed and new. As the Master greets them, Makarov introduces Gajeel and Juvia as a new member to the guild. He was glad to see that some of his comrades are alive. While Gajeel and Juvia shocks to see him joined the guild. As Erza questions them, Renelle told them the truth which surprises everyone that the fact he is the former Ace of Phantom Lord.

Fighting Festival Arc

Laxus at his breaking point

Laxus vows to take control of Fairy Tail

When the conversation ends, He decided to walk alone outside, while walking she was seen by Mirajane Strauss and telling him that the festival will be held tomorrow. The next day, he was seen watching the festival with Natsu and Gray.Evergreen started to appear and turn those fairies contestant into the stone including Erza and Lucy. Laxus Dreyar declares his coup d'etat, he plans to took the leadership of the guild.

Absolute Shadow (anime)

Freed in Absolute Shadow Form

He was seen participating the Battle of Fairy Tail. As Freed Justine was about to deliver the final blow to Mirajane, Renelle intervenes to help her. Freed managed to hit him and they started to fight. As the battle progress, Freed use his Dark Écriture: Pain, he was successfully to pain Renelle. Then Renelle overpowered it by using his storm magic "Arashi Enko", and he attacks Freed. Freed manage to dodge it by using his Dark Écriture: Absolute Shadow and make a charge attack to him. He perform "Arashi Tsubasa on Freed, but Freed deflect it by his Darkness Breath which successfully hitting Renell. Renell rose up and uses his storm magic "Aoi Arashi Muchi Kurakku", Freed tried to use Dark Écriture: Reflect to reflect the attack but it was failed which led him to his defeat.

Beaten Laxus

Laxus was defeated by Natsu and Gajeel

Renelle goes forward to stop Laxus Dreyar. When he comes, the fight is already finished, Natsu and Gajeel managed to win against Laxus. After the fight, Makarov decides to expel Laxus from the guild because of his actions.

Makarov's unnamed light blast

Makarov used his unnamed Light Blast to stop Renelle from attacking.

One week after Laxus expulsion, He wanted to talk Makarov by himself, then Makarov agrees. He tried to attack Makarov with "Arashi Tsubasa", then Erza intervenes and try to save Makarov. After that attack, Erza was severely wounded which surprises Makarov. Makarov started to ask him then Renelle challenge him to a fight and accuse him as his father's killer(Renelle suddenly remembered what Jose said before that the killer is ("One Of the Wizard Saint & Mage of Fairy Tail). After the explanation of Renelle, Makarov starts to explain what happened then he uses storm magic "Arashi Enko" to Makarov. Makarov successfully parries the attack by using Light Shield. Makarov use Light Blast to stop him while Renelle use his storm magic "Arashi Muchi Kurakku". Makarov's light blast was defeated, before Makarov use Giant and Renelle use his storm magic "Inazuma Arashi".


Shitou Yajima arrives on the scene

The whole Fairy Tail guild and Shitou Yajima interferes, and Yajima explain that the Magic Council find an evidence to prove that Jose is the one who killed his father. At first, Renelle thought that it was a lie but later on was convinced to the evidence what Yajima showed to him. After what happened Erza was bring to the infirmary and Renelle regret his action and decided to left the guild.

Oracion Seis Arc

Bob close up

Bob saw Renelle standing in front of his guild

After he left the guild, he was seen by Bob standing in front of his guild. Renelle asked him who he is, not knowing that he went to the Blue Pegasus Guild. When Master Bob tries to talk him, Bob saw the Fairy Tail Guild Mark on his left hand. Bob started to ask him then Renelle explained his past and telling to Bob that he was a Former member of Fairy Tail. Bob was shocked from what he heard to Renelle and ask him what he's planning to do. He said that, he's looking for a new guild to sustain his needs.

AFter he talks to Bob he leaves but he was interrupted by Bob and told him that he's a master of the guild and he's willing to accept him when he wants. Renelle thinks and he decided to grab his offer. After he accepted it, he was accompanied by Bob to the Blue Pegasus HQ. Before Bob introduce him to the others, he ask a favor to Bob to call him "Stormy Knight". Bob started to question him and he tell that he will use that alias to cleanse the world from Dark Guilds. Bob accept what he wants and he started to introduce him to the others. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki and The Trimens accepted him as a member and they started to have a good chat with them. While talking to them he thinks how weird are they especially Ichiya. While talking to them, Bob goes to their front and started to speak about the upcoming S-Class Trial. He pointed that 2 days left before it starts.

After 2 days, the S-Class was about to began, everyone tried their best to pass the Track n Field test. Renelle managed to pass the first test with Hibiki Lates, As Bob announces the last round, they can only passed if they can defeat Ichiya the current Guild Ace. Hibiki tried to fight Ichiya but were defeated easily, He was the next person who will fight him. After a long battle, which last for an hour he managed to win the fight which surprises everyone for defeating their Guild Ace. Bob was amazed and declared him as an S-Class Mage and also a new Guild Ace. He rejects the offer being the new Guild Ace of the guild. Renelle told them he doesn't need that title for he's only a newbie in the guild.

As the week passes, Renelle used the alias "Storm Knight" of Blue Pegasus and he was known throughout the world by destroying a lot of Dark Guilds. This news spread to the Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet wondered who he is. As Renelle walks outside to visit his former comrades, he compliments that the guild doesn't have any changes. While looking around she saw Mirajane Strauss he started to think that when he left the guild, she is the same beautiful Mirajane that he met.

Knowing that his former comrades are in the good condition, he left and back to the guild. As he back to the guild, Bob explains the alliance between the 4 guilds. The 4 guilds are Fairy Tail (Guild), Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus and Cait Shelter. Bob discussed to them that they form the alliance to defeat the Oración Seis. When Bob was about to assigned a team to help the alliance against Oracion Seis. Renelle volunteers and saying that his objective is to obliterate all the Dark Guilds. Bob thinks about Renelle request then later on he let Renelle join the alliance with Ichiya and The Trimens.

When they reached their destination(meeting place) no one's around. An hour passes Team Natsu arrives and he smiled that his former team are well. When Team natsu arrives the other guild representative are also arrived. He was seen on the the second floor listening to Ichiya's explanation about the members of Oracion Seis. When the Trimens starts to explain about Magic Bomber - Christina, he started to show his appearance as "Storm Knight". After he reveal himself to his former comrades, he explained that they will use that airship to defeat the Oracion Seis and he told them to do not underestimate them as each of their members are capable of destroying a legal guild. After he explained, he was asked by Erza "what are you doing in Blue Pegasus" and he replied that he's now the "Stormy Knight" an s-class mage of Blue Pegasus. Before the conversation grows more Jura Neekis interrupts them and they should start to proceed to their plans.

After they discussed their plans, he was seen accompanied the alliance to locate the base of Oracion Seis. While on their way, he and the others seen how Cristina was shot down by Oracion Seis. When the Cristina starts to fall in the land, they saw that the Oracion seis standing in their front. They started to fight, he is wondering why Ichiya and Jura is not around(not knowing that, both of them was defeated by Gemini Angel's celestial Spirit. A few minutes past, the Oracion seis easily defeated the alliance except for Him and Erza. When the two of them remain, they started to strike the dark guild. He was seen fighting Hoteye while Erza fighting Cobra and Racer. When he was about to deliver his attack to Hoteye, he saw Erza bitten by Cuberos. When Racer is about to deliver the final attack to Erza, he protects her by using his Storm Magic. Successfully parried Racer attack then Brain decides to finish all of them. Brain is about to deliver the attack but he saw Wendy hiding behind a stone.

After Brain saw Wendy, Brain started to speak that she's the Sky Sorceress and tries to get her to regain Jellal Fernandes strength. He successfully kidnap her and he uses Dark Capriccio to finish the Light Team but succesfully blocked by Jura's Earth Magic. After that attack, Brain and the others are vanished and he thanks Jura for saving them. Ichiya uses her perfume to regenerate others strength, Erza started to scream they notice that she was affected by Cubelos poison. Ichiya use his perfume magic to stop spreading the poison on Erza's body but he was failed. The team started to panic and Erza started to say that they should cut down her Arm(whose infected by poison). Natsu and Gray rejects this idea but Lyon agreed and explain to them (they should cut it before it spread throughout her body). When Gray and Lyon start to argue about this, Carla started to talk about Wendy's power. She explained everything to them, and the Team started to find and save her.

He was seen next on his way to find Wendy(not knowing that Natsu already saves Wendy). While walking he was intercepted by Hoteye, one of Oracion Seis members. Hoteye started to use his Liquid Ground and he starts to unsheathe his sword and use "Arashi Tsubasa". After the activation of Nirvana, he saw the light along with Hoteye and Hoteye starts to act a good person(because of the light). Hoteye propose a request to him that he's will to help them to defeat his former team. After he heard this request he accept him to join the team and they started their way to Nirvana.

When the team defeat the 6 prayers Zero started to appear and defeat Natsu, Gray and Lucy. He arrives where Zero is and the two started to fight, he unsheathe his sword again and Zero used his Darkness Magic. An hour passes the nirvana is about to fire Cait Shelter, he run to the cannon and tried to stop it. He successfully blocked the nirvana's power but grievously injured at the time. At first Zero was shocked but he pitied him for unable to fight. When Zero is about to deliver the final blow to him, Natsu wakes up and strike Zero's head. When they started to fight, Jellal came to aid Natsu by giving the Flame of Rebuke. By this flames, Natsu defeated Zero and the others accomplished their own goals by destroying the 6 lacrimas of Nirvana.

After the fight, the team began to find Renelle(they find him, and they asked Wendy to treat his injuries). While Wendy continued to treat his injuries, he explain to his former comrade that he's always there to help them and his priority is to destroy some Dark Guilds. After two days, he was seen talking to Master Bob about what happened.

Daphne Arc

He decided to pay a visit to his former guild but he suddenly felt a foul power coming from the sky.

Edolas Arc

While walking on his way to his former guild(Fairy Tail), the rain started to pour down and he tried to find a shelter. While looking, he saw Mystogan talking to Wendy about Anima. He wonder what is that thing and he started to look at the sky. The clouds began to act strange and the whole Magnolia Town started to vanished. After that incident, he was seen next to Edolas(no idea what happened and where he is). While walking around he tried to ask someone but was completely ignored.

Accidentally he was seen by Gajeel Redfox and Gajeel started to ask him and he said that he was caught also by that thing(Anima). While walking they started to find the others and he told Gajeel that he should kept it a secret that he's around(he's shy to reveal himself). Gajeel offers him an X-Balls, and started to explain the purpose of those balls.

After he regain his power, they started to scattered around(that will be the easiest way to find the others). He saw Natsu, Lucy and Wendy in Louen and he started to talk them about Gajeel and What is Dragon Slayer in this world. After he explained, he left and entrust Natsu to save his friends.

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