Hey, my reallity

Take a look at my guitar: Untitledguitar.JPG THE SCREENSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!! The_screen_shot!.JPG

I'm really sorry for everyone........

That's me in anime:

hey look at me in anime here:


You LOVE To Play Sports. Your Most Likely On The Soccer Team Or Something Or Trying Out. <3 You Like A Combination Of Music. <3 Tell Me If I'm Right ? (yah you're right! ouch, i broke a toe nail! ;_;)


You Like Pink, Pop And You Like RAP. (Eminem, Bruno Mars, Nikki Minaj, Etc) I'm Sorry, But I'm More Scene LOL So Not A Big Fan. <3 Tell Me If I'm Right. :D


You Love To Read (Me: Me Too :D <3) And You Never Get Lower Than A B+. You Most Likely Like Techno Or Pop... NOT SAYING THAT ALL DO <3 Tell Me If You Like Your Answer And If I'm Right. <33


You Love Metal And Rock (Black Veil Brides, Pantera, Panic! At The Disco Etc). You Love Rainbows And Tutus :D Please Tell Me If I'm Right And If You Like My Answer. <3


Lol I'm just playin'. >:D


You Love To Skateboard And Longboard, Sometime Maybe Surf! You Like A Combination Of Music, And Hang Out With Your Own Little Group Of Friends. Comment On If I Got It Right And If You Like Your Answer c:

The criture(s) that follow(s)

== An Elemental ==

Elementals can be tricky. If one is following you then you must respect mother nature. That or you're terrible toward it. Mother Nature might have sent one after you if you have been abusing her resources, or she gave you a protector or friend for being so kind to her resources. Elementals have many possible forms. The picture is a close example to a wind one. Females have flowing hair that looks like a light pink gas and blue gaseous body. Males are green gas formed beings that resemble spirits sometimes. Earth ones look like people made of stone. Not like statues, but with moss hair, rock and mud bodies, and mineral faces. Water ones look like humans made from nothing but clear blue aqua. Fire ones are like spirits, not really at your touch. But, unlike most elementals, fire ones can shrink their size or grow. Females have hair that flare up, males are practically bald. Elementals can stir up a lot of trouble. They bring about strange smells, cause odd weather changes in small areas, and even cause natural disasters. My experience with these creatures is . . . complicated. I'm against littering, so of course one has never been sent to me. But I have caught one trying to harm my youngest brother. An earth one in fact. They cannot speak English, and they're speech is mumbled. They're hard to catch, but earth ones like cheese. Strange, I know, but they love the stuff. Water ones like, oddly, chocolate milk spilled on the ground. Fire ones like anything burnt. And wind ones like plain wheat. But beware, because cats and dogs can either drive them away or anger them, depending on their personality.

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