aka Root

  • I live in Land of tea
  • I was born on August 9
  • My occupation is Helping
  • I am male

Hey i'm Root I'm also an editor on narutopedia and an Admin on Naruto fandom wiki and creator of a fairyTail fanon wiki I created a while back feel free to just talk about things and come to me if you need help I love watching fairyTail Its like so cool and the wiki Is also really nice and welcoming :D I really like engaging with other people and being friendly and helping others who need anything, I also love watching Naruto thats liek so cool and great to watch i always love having convos with people about It, The other anime that i like Is bleach it really connects with teens if you know what I mean, and I love onepiece as Its so funny I'm currently watching at the moment but yep those are the anime that I watch so yeh

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