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  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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{{Parent Tab Template
{{Parent Tab Template
|backcolor= yellow
|backcolor= yellow
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Big big thanks to Scarletwind for creating this extremely epic Natsu Banner for me!! -^_^- I wuv it! <3 X3<br />
Big big thanks to Scarletwind for creating this extremely epic Natsu Banner for me!! -^_^- I wuv it! <3 X3<br />
Natsu just got awesomer ;P
Natsu just got awesomer ;P
{{User Infobox
{{User Infobox
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|favorite characters= [[Natsu]] - forever! X3
|favorite characters= [[Natsu]] - forever! X3
|favorite magic= [[Requip]] ^_^
|favorite magic= [[Requip]] ^_^
|languages= English is my first but I'm not too shabby at Spanish ;D No. I don't speak Irish before anyone asks, but I wish I did =(<br />Oh! And L337, I can speak L337... It is so a language >_>
|languages= English is my first but I'm not too shabby at Spanish ;D No. I don't speak Irish before anyone asks, but I wish I did =(
|first edit= A Blog comment on "Levy, how can she be considered an S Class mage level?"
== My Pic of the Month ==
[[File:Acnologia_Avatar.PNG|thumb|left|Heeerrreee's Ackie!!]]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
This dragon is just too awesome for words O_O I don't even need to explain why it's the POTM; you just have to look at it XP It's a pity we couldn't see more of it =( But! I hope you enjoy it's sheer aura of epicness as much as I know you do ;P
== My Video of the Month ==
[[Video:asdfmovie|thumb|300px|left|ASDF movie]]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
I just ''had'' to add this video at some point! XD This is the first of four ASDF movies, created by [| TomSka], and they are HILARIOUS!! X3 It's the kind of video that you can't help laughing at (or even quoting all the time XP) And if you like this, then I highly recommend you watch the others in the <s>unfortunately short</s> series.<br /><br />
But for now; enjoy numero uno! X3
== Info on Me==
{{Scroll box
|color= yellow
* Hi ^_^ My name is {{User:Otaku Chick/Sig1}} and I am completely in love with Fairy Tail!!!!! X3
* I also love cats, to no end XP
* I have a VERY sweet tooth and generally prefare desserts to savory foods (chocolate being the best!)
* Emoticons are my most valued internet tool ^_^
* I'm hoping to help out the wiki and fans of Fairy tail everywhere as much as I'm able during my time here
* I hope to eventually join the Anime Summary Guild in the fututre ({{Done}} Lolness) XD
* I am very sarcastic. All the time O_o But I'm kind hearted too -^_^- Awww... =P
* I tend to make up words often, or replace words with other words; like 'muffin' instead of 'fine' or using 'lolness'. Yeah. Weird O_o But I can't help it XD Lol
* I am a geek about video games O_O I love Assassin's Creed and COD MW2+3 and I am an Xbox girl through and through ;P (Down with PS3!)
* I'm always drawing or writing and if I'm ever found not doing either then school has gotten in the way ¬_¬
* I hate school
* I'm a traditional drawer and will always stay loyal to good old paper, pencils and pens ^_^.... mostly because I don't have the computer technology or the skills for digital drawing ¬_¬' But that's a minor detail
* I hope in the future to become a sucessful authoress (Yeah. it's a word - shifty eyes) or a great mangaka!! X3
That's all (for now) Folks! XP TTFN! And hope you enjoy checking out the rest of my profile ;D}}
== Image Gallery ==
<gallery type="slideshow" position="left" bordersize="medium" bordercolor="#fcca00" captiontextcolor="#27bb0a" captionalign="left">
Natsu GMG PP.jpg|Natsu!!! X3
Natsu's roar.jpg|Natsu's Roar
After eating Aetherion.jpg|The power of a Dragon Slayer
Mirajane's Satan Soul.jpg|Mirajane Satan Soul
Dragon Slayers Farewell.jpg|Bye Bye Edolas
Natsu, Lucy, and Happy running from Rune Knights.png|Natsu and Lucy go to Fairy Tail
Erza and Gray comeback.jpg|Erza and Gray arrive for battle Edolas
Gray's Fairy Tail Mark.jpg|Gray's Guild Mark
Grey's Iced Shell.jpg|Gray's Iced Shell Stance
Episode 91 - Scarlet vs. Knightwalker.jpg|Erza vs Erza
Adamintine Armor.jpg|Erza's Adamintine Armour
Black Wing Armor 4.jpg|Erza's Purgatory Armour
Episode 92 - Armadura Fairy.jpg|Armadura Fairy Armour
ErzaSacrifice.png|Erza's Sacrifice for her Friends
Erza comforting Natsu.jpg|Erza promising Natsu to live her life
Erza fightinng with her feet.JPG|Erza vs Erza - Feet Fighting
Lucy ready to fight Sherry.jpg|Lucy prepares to Fight
Celestial clothes.jpg|Lucy in Celestial Clothing
Episode 86 - Lucy, Happy and Charle seeing Erza and Gray.JPG|Lucy, Happy and Charle glad to see Erza and Gray
First Test Pass.jpg|Lucy and Cana pass the first test
Lucy's Scream.jpg|Gajeel beats up Lucy
New Guild.jpg|Fairy Tail Guild Building
Natsu in the opening of Episode 110.jpg|Natsu at the beginning of Episode 110
Meredy attempts to kill herself.jpg|Meredy tries to kill herself
Episode 111 - Meredy's smile.jpg|Meredy's Smile
Cana-and-the-shining-grave.jpg|Cana at Mavis' Grave
Wendy's Celestial Clothing.jpg|Wendy's New Tenrou Clothing
Lucy's Celestial Clothing Tenrou.jpg|Lucy's New Tenrou Island Clothes
Lucy meets up with Natsu on Tenrou.PNG|Natsu and Lucy meet again on Tenrou
OVA 2 - Natsu and Gray singing.JPG|Natsu and Gray's Karaoke
Natsu and Lucy in OP 10.png|Natsu and Lucy in Opening 10
Episode 114 - Seduction Armor.png|Erza's Seduction Armour
Fairy Tail Lends Erza a Hand.jpg|The power of Nakama
120 - Fairy Tail celebrates.jpg|Together Again
Velveno Full Body.png|Velveno
== Place your Vote ==
<poll> Who is the Best Male Character?
Other </poll>
== My Favourite Fairy Tail Opening and Ending ==
[[Video:Fairy Tail opening 3 ft. by FUNKIST|thumb|300px|left|Opening 3 FT]]
[[Video:Fairy Tail Ending 9 Kono te Nobashite by Hi-Fi CAMP|thumb|300px|left|Ending 9 Kono te Nobashite]]
===Natsu and Gray in OVA OP===
[[File:Natsu_and_Gray_OVA_OP_1.gif|left|Natsu and Gray - OVA OP]] A huge thank you to Guilherme for saving me from a GIF disaster! XD He very kindly resized it and improved the quality ;D Someday, even ''I'' might be able to do stuff like that XP Lol (Doubt it though O_o)
I really love this extract from the OVA Opening, I mean, how could you not? ;P Enjoy!...
===Erza vs Azuma - Requip numero uno===
[[File:Erza's Transformation vs Azuma.gif|right]] Well! Here's my first official GIF X3 It actually ''moves'', woo hoo! ^_^ (And without pestering for help this time ;P) I know that it still needs a lot of work done O_o But considering that I'm a complete GIF Noob, I'm quite happy with it myself, lol XD<br /><br />
This is Erza's 1st transformation when she's about to fight Azuma, so enjoy her awesomeness! -^_^-

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Natsu.banner.request Banner created by Scarletwind

Big big thanks to Scarletwind for creating this extremely epic Natsu Banner for me!! -^_^- I wuv it! <3 X3
Natsu just got awesomer ;P

Erza on FP 1
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English is my first but I'm not too shabby at Spanish ;D No. I don't speak Irish before anyone asks, but I wish I did =(

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