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"I've finally found somewhere I can smile and be free..."

Mina to Fairy Tail Guild Members in "The Heart grows Fonder"

Mina Yoru (ミナ夜 Mina Yoru) is a young female Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.


Mina is a young girl of average height and weight with light brown hair and dark hazel eyes. She is often seen wearing a baggy cream jumper, with a cartoon-like image on the centre of the chest, with long red and cream stripped sleeves that fall over her hands. She also wears a short black frilled skirt with a thick silver chain attatched, which hangs in a 'U' shape from the waist band.
She pairs these with thigh-high grey and black stripped tights and a pair of chunky knee-high, black leather boots which have silver buckles placed along their sides.
Her hair is done up in two ponytails at either side of her head, giving her an innocent childish appearance.

Her Phantom Lord guild stamp was located on her torso and was coloured black, but when she made to transition to Fairy Tail she got her guild stamp on her right thigh and coloured blue.


Mina has a very bubbly and happy demeanour. She has an optimistic, child-like nature and can be somewhat naive at times. She can be very strong when she needs to be and is resilient in battle. She is however quite fragile beneath the surface but often hides her negative feelings so as not to make anyone else unhappy.
She is very aware of others and their feelings and is selfless in her actions meaning that she gets along well with everyone she meets. She doesn't like her magic very much as she feels that it doesn't suit her personality at all, despite her being very skilled in her abilities.
She cares so much for others that she even feels guilty and close to tears when she hurts an enemy in battle.


Mina lived with her parents and sister in the town of Shirotsume in a small two story house for many years. Her mother was a Mage of the Lamia Scale Guild and her magic used was Darkness Magic. Her father was capable of only a small amount of Ring Magic, and was also a Mage of Lamia Scale, but he took less jobs than his wife in order to spend more time with his children. Her sister did not have any magical abilities and it was thought for a time that Mina harnessed no such abilities either; however, after the death of both of her parents, Mina became so deeply saddened that she could feel the dark emotions gathering inside her. It was later revealed that this was her inherited Darkness Magic powers beginning to develop, though at the time she hadn't realised this because there was no one around experienced in magic to show her how to unlock her abilities.

Mina and Lily Yoru

Mina (aged 7) hides behind her sister (aged 15)

Mina's parents died when she was aged seven and her sister was aged fifteen. They died as the result of a difficult job that they both agreed to undertake. A friend of Mina's father's from the guild, Mario, said that he would take it upon himself to provide for the girls financially. Lily decided that she should be the one to care for her younger sister, and take on a motherly role, and has done so for the many years.

As Lily's underlying heart condition worsened she needed more medication and healing lacrima. Despite Mario providing for the girls, their supply of Jewels grew low. Mario told Mina about a legendary, mysterious Mage that was incredibly skilled in healing others with her magic and Mina then vowed that she would set out in search of the Mage and bring her home to her sister. Lily objected but Mina explained that, "asking me not to care for others is like asking the sun not to rise at dawn..."

Mina then left to go search for the Mage, but she had little to no experience of travel, trade or true human nature. She stayed in inns and with kind friends that she met along the way . After a lot of time on her journey she wandered into Oak Town. Here, she came across the Phantom Lord Guild when looking for directions through the town. Gajeel said that he could sense quite a bit of magical power coming from "the squirt"; but when he presented Mina to Jose Porla she claimed that she had no powers. Jose got her to explain her family and past and he realised from this that it was in fact Darkness Magic that was contained within her. Jose, using Darkness magic himself, volunteered to teach Mina how to harness, unlock and fully use her magic. From that point on she was a member of Phantom Lord.

She fit in well to the guild and the life of a Mage. She discovered her true ability and told her fellow guild members that she considered them her family and friends. She was a member of the guild for four years, ranging from when she was thirteen to when she was seventeen, and lived in a small apartment in the city that was roughly 8,000 Jewels per month. Any money that she could spare was sent home to help Lily. During her time in the Phantom Lord guild Mina grew incredibly skillful and strong in relation to her magic power and is considered stronger than many average Mages.


Phantom Lord arc

Gajeel prof

Gajeel annoyed by the interruption

Mina overheard a conversation between Gajeel and Master Jose in the guild one day. She didn't understand fully what was said, but had gathered that Gajeel was planning to attack a guild somewhere, though she didn't catch its name. She burst into their conversation unexpectedly, much to their surprise and anger, and she began yelling at Gajeel, incredulously asking him why he wanted to attack a guild and what this guild had done to them. Gajeel told her that "little squirts should mind their own business". Jose simply looked at her and explained that she shouldn't meddle in other's affairs.

Later that day Mina started to ask the guild questions about the mysterious attack that Gajeel was planning, but no one claimed to know anything about it. She felt helpless as she didn't know the guild's location, name or when the attack was planned in order to warn them. She thought about her Master and felt somewhat angry at his lack of emotion about what Gajeel was planning.

She noticed Gajeel about to leave the guild building and prepared to both follow and stop him, but Jose put a hand on her shoulder and told her that the guild in question had attacked some Phantom Lord members, so Gajeel was only protecting his family. This seemed to relax Mina more as she had complete trust in her teacher. When Gajeel returned Mina apologised to him for doubting him but he took no notice of her.
Not long after this the Fairy Tail Guild members burst their way into Phantom Lord. Mina and her fellow members jumped to their feet in preparation for battle. Some members were shocked, but Mina knew who their enemy was almost immediately and vowed to herself that she wouldn't let them hurt her family again.

Nab Close

Nab fighting Mina

She used Shadow as an offencive manoeuver and managed to knock back three Fairy Tail members. She was then attacked by Nab Lasaro and used Cimmerian to block the attack. Nab was suddenly flown aside by a Phantom Lord member's magic.

Mina eventually found herself in battle with Max Alors. Max exclaimed that he and his guild were going to crush all of the Phantom's as he rushed at her. Mina suddenly got very angry and demanded that he and his guild simply leave before they all ended up injured. Max proceeded to attack her regardless of this by using Sand Wave but Mina easily blocked this with her Cimmerian. Both Max and Mina fuelled their fight with the emotion of protecting their guild. So much so that Mina's emotions built up enough for her to cast Darkness Phantom, which is her most powerful spell.
Max was thrown backwards and landed heavily on the ground. Mina suddenly seemed to snap out of her angry emotions and immediately felt guilty about what she had done. She rushed to Max's side and knelt down beside him. She whispered to him that she was sorry and hoped he would forgive her, but that she had to do it for her friends' safety; she even began to tear up.
With what little enery Max had left he told her that they didn't deserve safety. She asked him what he had meant by that and he revealed that Gajeel's attack was unprovoked and that Fairy Tail were only there to defend themselves. She stared at him, visably shocked, until she noticed that Fairy Tail were retreating. She told Max that she would take care of him as she hoisted him up on her shoulders. When Macao Conbolt asked her angrily what she was doing she merely said that she was helping him.

Mina followed Fairy Tail back to their guild, much to many of the members' chagrin, and lay Max down in the basement with the other injured members. She then asked Macao for an explaination and he gave her the full story of what had happened.
When he was finished Mina began to cry and apologised for her guild's unforgivable actions. She said that she could no longer be associated with people that had such cold hearts, and offered to help Fairy Tail defend themselves. Macao made sure that she was certain and when she confirmed that she was he gladly accepted her help.

Reaction to the growing number of Shades

Fairy Tail members watch more shades attacking

Mina was seen fighting Jose's shades with the members of Fairy Tail. Jose saw that she was amongst them but decided that she was now one of them, and therefore the enemy. She was injured in the fray but continued to fight on, but then collapsed with exhaustion after the battle had ended.

After everyone had recovered Mina was asked to join the guild by Makarov because of her strength, love for her friends and family and truly warm heart. Mina giddly accepted and wrapped her arms around her new Master to give him a hug; which then caused him to blush and grin ear to ear.

Fighting Festival arc

Mirajane, Erza, Cana, Juvia, Levy, and Bisca turned to stone

Miss Fairy Tail contestants turned to stone

Mina was among the rest of the Fairy Tail members watching the Miss Fairy Tail Contest when Laxus made his appearence. She was shocked and visably terrified when she saw that her new friend, and fellow ex-Phantom Lord member, Juvia had been turned to stone. When Laxus revealed his plan to everyone Mina was seen clenching her fists in anger. She took a step forward when Jet grabbed her wrist and just shook his head gently, making her step back again and continue staring at Laxus.

She headed out with the rest guild in order to take part in Laxus Battle of Fairy Tail and save her friends. She became trapped in one of Freed's runes with Laki Olietta. The rules of the runes stated:

"Participants must defeat each other using only one spell of their choice as many times as is necessary. Opponent must be defeated within 15 minutes. If participants break these rules both will be punished..."

Mina and Laki both told each other that they didn't want to fight, but both girls understood that they needed to help their friends. Laki told Mina that sif neither of them fought then both of them would be made incapacitated and therefore no use to their friends in danger. Laki added that Mina was stronger than she was and that she should be the one to continue as she would have more of a chance at helping the others. When Mina began to disagree Laki interrupted her and asked her politely if she would do this for her as a favour. Mina looked at her feet troubled, but in the end, and after much persistance from Laki, agreed that she would go on to save as many of her fellow members as possible.
Mina stepped forward and hugged Laki before using Shadow to throw her backwards. She ran to Laki's side and began to tear up as she apologised repeatedly, but Laki assured her that she was fine and that they were still good friends.

Under Laki's instructions, Mina ran through the town in search of Laxus. However, she once again found herself trapped in a rune, only this time with Jet. The rules of the runes stated:

"Participants must defeat each other. If one participant refuses to fight then they shall be punished, but the other participant may be released from the runes. If neither participant fights, neither shall be released. There is no time limit..."

Jet - Close up

Jet looking at Mina before their fight

Jet explained that he had to try his best to save Levy and Mina nodded in response. He added that he didn't want to hurt her either, the two stood in the middle of the runes in silence. Mina reminded herself of her feelings for Jet and smiled at him full-heartedly. She said that she would do anything to help people, especially if it were to help her friends. She shouted out that she had officially withdrawn from the battle and was prepared for any consequence. Jet jumped forward and told her to stop, but just before he reached her she was struck down by lightning as a punishment for breaking the rules. Jet caught her before she hit the ground, but she was out cold.

When Mina came to she saw Jet standing over her, looking battle warn. She noticed that she was in someone's house as opposed to the street and Jet explained that he couldn't leave her on the ground, so left her in the care of a concerned nearby family . He assured her that Levy and the others were now safe and that he had also been kicked out of the competition after a battle will Droy and Alzack Connell. He put her arm around his shoulder and helped her walk back towards the guild for medical help.

At this point they hear a communication from Warren telling them all that they have to destroy the orbs of Laxus' Thunder Palace in order to keep Magnolia town safe. After the guild members argue, Lucy convinces them all that they have to work together to stop Laxus. Jet volunteers to destroy one of the orbs, as does Mina, but Jet laughed and told her that she could barely stand, nevermind take another hit of lightning. Mina insisted that she be allowed to do this for her guild and her friends. Jet refused and said that the rest of the members had everything covered and that she had sacrificed herself enough.

When the ordeal is over and Laxus is defeated, everyone attends the Fantasia Parade. Mina is seen amongst the crowd and participates in the "Fairy Tail Salute" along with the rest of the Fairy Tail guild members as a send off to Laxus. She grins happily and says quietly to herself "This is what it feels like to be a real guild..."

Magic and Abilities

Darkness Magic: (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic which utilizes the element of darkness.

  • Shadow: (影 Kage) is a spell of darkness magic that allows the user to rapidly shoot dozens of balls of solid darkness. Is a simple spell but buys time in battle and is effective in keeping enemies from having time to attack the user.
  • Cimmerian: (暗黒の Ankoku no) allows the user to quickly erect a large wall of solid darkness. It is a highly effective defence mechanism.
  • Darkness Phantom: (闇ファントム Yami fantomu) an extremely powerful spell that can take out multiple opponents in one go by sending out personified darkness spirits that wrap themselves around the enemy's body, drain some of their power, before bursting into nothingness and therefore throwing the enemy into the air.


Lily Yoru

Mina grew very close to her sister after the death of their parents. Lily raised Mina which allowed a protective bond to grow between the pair. They are known to argue often but generally about trivial things. It was pointed out by a friend of their father's that they seemed more like the closest of friends rather than sisters, in spite of their bickering.
When Lily's underlying heart problem worsened Mina was frightened for the life of her sister; she was even reduced to tears when she spoke to her last about her health. When Mina discovered that Lily could be seen by a health Mage, she vowed to go in search of the illusive Mage in order to save her sister's life whilst ignoring Lily's objections, to show that she would do anything for her sister.
Mina became a Mage for the sole purpose of sending money home to Lily for rent, food and medication; showing her deep and strong love for her as well as her protective instinct.

Takeru Yoru

As her mother was often out on jobs Mina spent more time with her father. She felt that the trust between them was strong enough for her to tell her father about anything, includng her worries about her mother's occupation as a Mage.
Her father taught her and her sister that life should be spent being happy, which lead to her present sunny disposition.
Due to his death when she was at a young age, Mina has vague memories of her time with her father, but she remembers their closeness and how much she loved him as well as the advice he gave, which she states she lives her life by.

Kari Yoru

Mina didn't see her mother much as she was very often out on a job. Mina, however, does remember some precious moments with Kari during her childhood; such as Kari singing her sleep at night and telling her bedtime stories. These stories have lead Mina to have an optomistic outlook on life and faith in a happy ending, regardless of the troubles she has faced.
As any child would be, Mina was devistated at the death of her parents and became silent and withdrawn for a long while before she began to smile again.

Jose Porla

Main article: Jose Porla
Jose accepted Mina into Phantom Lord when she was young, inexperienced and unaware of her magic powers. Jose taught Mina how to harness and develop her Darkness Magic personally as it is the same magic that he himself uses. Due to this, he developed an affectionate attatchment to her, but never let his feelings show nor admitted them to anyone. Mina, with her trusting nature, took to Jose almost immediately and saw him as a strong figure to look up to. She had great respect for her teacher.
However, these trusting and respectful feelings left her when Jose ordered an attack on the Fairy Tail Guild. Mina disagreed with the harsh attack and was ashamed of her guild for participating; so much so that she then left the guild entirely and vowed that they would no longer have a place in her heart.

Enma Kozato

Enma is Mina's partner in Team Red Diamond. Both are relatively new to the guild but formed a friendly relationship quickly. They decided one day to take a job together and found that they actually worked quite well with one another. It was then that Enma suggested that they team up. This brought about the formation of Red Diamond, which has strengthened their friendship considerably and is quite a powerful team within the guild.

Juvia Lockser

Main article: Juvia Lockser
Mina and Juvia never interacted much when they were both members of Phantom Lord, but Mina was always in awe of Juvia's powers and abilities. Juvia very much kept to herself; even when Mina tried to shyly speak to her not too long after joining, Juvia ignored her as though she weren't even there.
When the two girls joined Fairy Tail however, they spoke with each other more, about their time in Phantom Lord, their pasts and what they hoped for the future. Mina explained that she had wanted to become friends with Juvia before, but she seemed to be an invisible presence at the guild. Juvia apologised for not speaking with her and the two spent the rest of the day in the guild, laughing with each other.
When Mina and Juvia were both injured during the Fighting Festival arc, the girls were concerned for one another, showing that they have a good friendship.


Main article: Jet
It is well known throughout the guild that Mina has a crush on Jet, although he seems to be oblivious to her feelings. They get along quite well and they occassionally spend time together when in the guild between jobs.
During the Fighting Festival arc Jet and Mina found themselves in one of Freed's runes. The rules stated that no one within the runes could forfeit without consequence, yet Mina refused to fight him despite this. Jet sat with her for a time until she regained concioussness after being struck with lightning. He thanked her for her sacrifice and she urged him to fight on, showing a strengthening bond in their friendship.

Natsu Dragneel

Main article: Natsu Dragneel
Natsu was among the first at the guild to greet Mina as their new member, making her feel welcome and stating that she would have a home at Fairy Tail for as long as she needed. Mina was a little shy to begin with but the more she saw Natsu messing around and causing trouble with everyone the more relaxed she felt and was soon back to her bubbly self.
Natsu is seen to care for Mina as a good friend, as shown when he was angered when she was injured during the Fighting Festival arc and asked her how she was recovering after the ordeal.
Mina really likes Natsu as she thinks that he is powerful, friendly, caring and funny and feels that she can depend on him entirely.

Major Battles


  • (To Lily) "Asking me not to care for others is like asking the sun not to rise at dawn"
  • (To Jose Porla ) "You'll always be my teacher, but you are no longer my Master; and you were never my friend..."
  • (To Fairy Tail) "I've finally found somewhere I can smile and be free..."
  • ( To Natsu) "I wanted to become a shining Fairy, instead of a faceless Phantom"
  • (To Jet)"I would do anything to help people, especially if it's to help my friends"


  • Mina's surname, "Yoru", is the Japanese word for "Night/Evening"
  • Her forename is derived from the Turkish word meaning "Sky", which makes her full translated name "Sky Night"
  • Mina's nickname, "Shadow", was given to her by a past mage of Phantom Lord as it was the first spell of Darkness Magic that she learned
  • Her mother's name was taken from the Japanese word "Hikari" meaning "Light" which is contradictory to her surname and magic type
  • The word "Cimmerian" is a synonym for "Dark" or "Without light"
  • Mina's magic is blue because that's her favourite colour and it influenced her when she was learning

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