6th Job: Rebellion within Sabertooth (Completed)

Rebellion within Sabertooth is an event that takes place during the Grand Magic Games arc.


Jiemma Releases His Anger

Jiemma releases his anger

At Crocus Gardens, Jiemma asks Sting and Rogue regarding their loss against Natsu and Gajeel and the "disgrace" they brought to Sabertooth with this. Rogue admits, that Natsu was just stronger, which enrages Jiemma. The Guild Master demands that they remove their Guild Marks, however, Lector tries to defend them. Jiemma doesn't recognize Lector and gets angrier when the Exceed shows Sabertooth's Guild Mark. Then, he vaporizes Lector with a blast of Magic, really suprising the rest of the Guild. Rogue covers his own Exceed, Frosch, afraid that he comes next.[1]


Sting Blasting a Hole Through Jiemma

Sting blasts through Jiemma

Sting starts crying and yelling in shock and mourning. When Jiemma is just about to scold the White Dragon Slayer further, Sting eventually unleashes a lethal blast of Magic towards Jiemma, piercing through the Guild Master's chest. This unpredicted event really shocks the Guild, however, Minerva actually seems pleased.[2]


Minerva Staring Down Sting

Minerva confronts Sting

Minerva congratulates Sting, because he surpassed the current Guild Master in power, thus being the next candidate for the the title. Jiemma tries to speak, but Minerva tells him to be quiet, because (according to his own logic) he has no right to speak. She then explains to Sting that he lacks the thing called "power of feelings" and tells him, that she saved Lector. Sting begs her to give him back, but Minerva says that she only gives Lector back, if the team wins the event on Day 5, proving that Sabertooth is the strongest.[3]


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7th Job: Blast of Jupiter (Completed)

Blast of Jupiter is an event that takes place during the Phantom Lord arc.


Phantom Lord declares a Guild War against Fairy Tail when Gajeel Redfox destroys its building. The Guild gets ready for a payback and breaks into Phantom Lord. However, in the battle, Makarov gets deprived from his Magical power, making Fairy Tail retreat.

Phantom's walking guild

The walking Phantom Lord

Back at the Guild, the Mages realize that while they were away, Phantom Lord captured Lucy. Natsu manages to rescue her and brings she back to the Guild where everyone's planning on another confrontation. The discussion suddenly ends, when they see the Phantom Lord Building coming towards them on large, mechanical legs. Jose, the Guild Master of Phantom Lord orders to fire their secret weapon: the Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter. Erza shouts to get down and prepares to stand against it...[1]


Erza stands against Jupiter

Erza stands against Jupiter

Erza requips her Adamantine Armor to stop the blast and save the Guild and her guildmates. Everyone is shocked about this act and they try to stop her. However, Erza remains solid, still shouting to get down. Natsu tries to get to her, but Gray stops him. When Phantom Lord fires Jupiter, she uses Adamantine Barrier which combines the armor's two shields into one large as she gets ready for receiving Jupiter. Erza's armor gets destroyed in the impact, but she manages to withstand and stop the blast. After the smoke clears, the Mages see the Guild unharmed. However, Erza got heavily injured.[2]


Fairy Tail soon realizes that though Erza saved them, she is now unable to fight, too, next to Makarov.

Cana leads Fairy Tail's Defenses

Cana takes the leadership

Jose says they now don't stand a chance and requests to hand over Lucy. Erza, with the last of her strength, yells that they will rather die than hand over a comrade. The whole guild agrees with her. Jose gets enraged and shouts that in 15 minutes, they will fire a bigger and stronger Jupiter. Then he send out his Shades to exterminate Fairy Tail. Seeing Erza is down, Cana takes the leadership and sends Natsu and Happy to somehow stop Jupiter from firing another blast while the rest of the Guild tries to stop the Shades. Elfman and Gray gets after them, too.[3]


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8th Job: Natsu Dragneel vs. Rogue Cheney (Future) (Completed)

Natsu Dragneel vs. Rogue Cheney (Future) is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Natsu Dragneel and the future self of Sabertooth Mage Rogue Cheney, Rogue Cheney (Future).


Standing In Front of Sting

Fairy Tail standing strong

Fairy Tail wins the Grand Magic Games, restoring their place as the strongest Guild in Fiore. Everyone congratulates them.[1] Down at the corridors, the Rescue Team has a hard time beating the reappeared Garou Knights. Suddenly, as Fiore troops come to aid the Knights, a mysterious shadow starts swallowing them. The Rescue Team gets really suprised and confused, especially when the shadow swallows up the Garou Knights, too.

During this, outside the stadium, Jellal realizes that there's another person here from the future beside Future Lucy.[2] Back in the castle, Arcadios meets up with Datong and Hisui. He tells Hisui that he spoke to the one from the future whom she spoke to and her advice doesn't match with what Hisui told him. However, Hisui says that the one whom she spoke to, was a man.[3]

Shadow Blade Against Lucy

Future Rogue attacks Lucy

In the corridors, the Rescue Team sees the shadow again. Natsu questions who's there. He steps out, stating he came from the future and he is Rogue, much to the team's surprise.[4] In the castle, Hisui and Arcadios orders the soldiers to open the Eclipse Gate.[5] Rogue speaks about the future 7 years from now, from where he came back. In that time, dragons have already conquered the world. He says that the world's doom's cause was that they couldn't open the gates because somebody stopped them. Then he says he's here to eliminate that person, who turns out to be Lucy Heartfilia. As Rogue's firing a blast at Lucy, the one from the future jumps in front of him, saving her, dying from the blast however. With her breath, she says to Lucy to protect the future.[6]

Natsu gets angered at Rogue, who tells that as long as Lucy's alive, she will close the gates. He then puts his hands on flames and prepares for a battle...[7]


Mode White Shadow

Rogue activates his White Shadow Dragon Mode

Rogue prepares to strike Lucy again, but Natsu intervenes and pushes he back with a powerful punch. Rogue gets angry for Natsu "sticking his nose in". He turns into a shadow and attacks Natsu from the wall.[8] He then continues attacking, with Natsu barely only can barely defend himself. During this, he speaks about Lucy, who will close the gate as long as she's alive. Natsu doesn't believes him, shouting that Lucy would never do such a thing. Future Rogue strikes with Shadow Dragon's Eruption, damaging Natsu. However, Natsu activates his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, which suprises Rogue. Natsu attacks him, causing a huge impact on the ground.

Hakueiryu no Ashiginu

Natsu defeated

As Natsu prepares for another strike, Rogue smirks and activates his White Shadow Dragon Mode. He then attacks Natsu with an extremely powerful spell, the White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk. The spell creates thin beams piercing through Natsu, causing him to yell in pain. Natsu, lying on the ground severely injured, questions if the White Dragon Slayer Magic wasn't originally his Magic. Rogue says he's right, it was Sting's Magic, until he killed him. Natsu gets enraged hearing this, but is incapable to do anything. Rogue starts preparing his finishing blow, however, suddenly multiple orbs appear, with Ultear and Meredy behind them. Rogue turns to run, leaving Natsu to the two girls.[9]


Dragons Coming Out of Eclipse

A Dragon emerges from the Gate

At the top of Mercurius, the Eclipse Gate is opening. Wendy states that their future don't seem so bleak now, to which Lucy agrees. However, she then says that these doors must remain closed and starts walking towards the Eclipse, leaving Wendy in shock.[10] She orders to close the doors immediately. Hisui stops her, stating that if they close the doors now, they won't get a second chance against the dragons. Lucy explains that it isn't a cannon but a portal, connected to 400 years in the past. Just after explaining this, a tremor hits in and a dragon emerges from the Gate...[11]


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9th Job: Destruction of the Fairy Tail Building

Destruction of the Fairy Tail Building is an event which takes place during the Phantom Lord arc.






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