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Why hello there, <insert name here>-kun. As my extravagantly extravagant and elegantly elegant header says, welcome to the new and improved page of all things Monét~! Below you can find things like what I am currently up to and stuffs, although, if you want to talk to me on chat leave me a message, 'cause I am taking a hiatus from the chat, for, reasons. I will tell you if you ask me privately, but there is no need to throw things about here... Alrighty then~! Feel free to read on below~


Well, if you continued to read down hear you can hear a little bit about me. What you should know is, is that since my best friend is on a hiatus, I get down a lot, and so I try and wait for him whenever he can sneak on.

I have some kind of shade of brown hair and hazel eyes. My complexion isn't the best and I have some sort of mismatch for a tan, but I am still good looking anyways! I have curly hair (as annoying and as unmanageable as hell) which really irritates me, and so any of you people with straight hair reading this, be proud of what you got. You'll usually find me sporting American Eagle or Aeropostale brand clothes, because that is what my mother buys me.

Personality wise... Well, this can be interpreted in hundreds of ways, I guess. You can find something about my personality yourself, I guess. Well, if you see me that is. :P


In the following couple of things, I will explain my favorite characters and why. There will be links and everything, so I am trying to go all out here. >___< Just an FYI, I am a complete feminist so below is an entire power to the women section. xD


Titania&#039;s Victory

Now, this is probably a generic answer since she is one of the main characters, one of the most beautiful and also one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail, if not the strongest behind Gildarts and of course the Guild Master.

I have my reasons for loving her, just like any other Erza fan. Not only do I admire her for her intelligence and her strength, but I admire her from some of her fights, whereas others could have been better and she could have ditched the plot armor. I have to say, one of my favorite things that she has done was defeat Minerva, because although the fight was horrible and sucked, she beat my least favorite character, or how I like to say it "SHE KILLED THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST!"


Juvia at Ryuzetsu Land

Alright, who can't love Juvia. Her one-sided love affair is hilarious and she has managed to hold her own against some pretty strong mages whilst still being very kind-hearted and putting her guildmates before herself. Oh, and not to mention, she loves yaoi too.

Her new look in X791 was one of my favorite things about her, because her hair wasn't so... Stiff looking. It had begun to flow like water, so I was happy for this change especially since she seemed to smile a lot more and looked a lot happier all the time. Her water magic is basically a marvel, seeing as she has things like her Water Nebula which looks quite beautiful yet is really powerful. I also like her because when she is angry she can rip anything or anyone to shreds.

Another reason I like her is because with her love... something or other... me and her are kind of in the same situation. And to finish this explanation off... Reverse harem for the win!


Lucy during the fight with Flare

Lucy has always been a personal favorite. She, although not gaining much power development, always looked great! No matter if people see her as being weak, she was able to nearly perform a double Urano Metria! Well, she would have performed it if it wasn't for that long nosed bastard...

Although I can't say I dig the pigtails now, she is still really stunning. She has managed to beat a member of Oracion Seis by herself and also nearly beat an anti-Fairy Tail specialist, so I would say in power she is quite strong. I think that maybe if she was to gain more power development.


Yes, yes. Now it is time for my favorite arcs. Of course, I am starting to get back into the manga after that dreadfully long arc and see the charm that Fairy Tail has again. These are PERSONAL OPINIONS, so don't get offended just in case I might like some arcs that you don't.


The sun village frozen

Alright, so now, I know it might be too early to judge on how this arc is going to be but, I honestly thing that it has the potential to be one of the best arcs, if not THE best arc, in the entire series. The only reason I am saying this is because my second favorite arc also had multiple antagonists.

Some of the things that could make this arc good is a standoff between Lucy and Erza against Minerva, where Erza protects Lucy until she loses all of her magical power, in which Lucy then manages to petrify Minerva in fear by doing that long awaited duo-Urano Metria that I was hoping for.

Another thing is, is that maybe the Sylph Labyrinth ends up thinking that Minerva and her new friend are getting in their way and so they handle the other guy quickly, making this okay. Other than that, I don't think this arc can get much better than that.

The reason I am putting this here is because it restored my faith in Fairy Tail, because during the GMG arc, I had lost hope for the series, but seeing some of this stuff reminded me of the good ol' Fairy Tail I knew and loved.


Key of the Starry Sky arc

Ah yes. I remember this arc and every time I think of it I get a small sense of nostalgia. I think it is because of so much of the development of the characters in here, also some of my favorite character's who didn't make it into my top three were introduced in this arc.

First off, I LOVED the fact that they showed us the Earth Land counterparts to some of the Edolas characters. I fell in love with Mary Hughes and Coco instantly!

The main reason I liked this arc was because the plot was very flowing, although it was a long arc. Things made sense and had fit together, and I have to say the fact that Imitatia ended up being a doll was my favorite part. I cry every time I watch that episode because of Imitatia going to miss Lucy, and in the end I do hope that Imitatia makes her return some day.


The Oración Seis

This arc also makes me nostalgic, because this was when they were really starting to gain power development and fight a tough opponent. This arc was just the right size and didn't bore me, and I hope that the newest arc ends up being around the same length.

I have to say, my favorite part of this arc was seeing some of the most major power development in Lucy. She managed to pull off one of the strongest spells introduced thanks to that cute guy she was with. She pulverized Angel basically all by herself, and it made me proud to say that Lucy was in my top three favorite characters.

Overall I think I liked this arc also for the introduction of Wendy (she's so cute!) and for showing some more into the knowledge of the almighty Erza-chan! *Q*

Minerva Day 5 Full

You all guessed it right. I hate Minerva. Now, someone break out the itch cream and get me a bucket, because the near mention of her name makes me break out in massive rashes all over my skin and also causes vomiting. Lots.

Not only did she hurt Millianna-chan and Kagura-chan, but she also tried to hurt my Er-chan, that cruel woman. I am happy she ended up losing to Er-chan, but of course Minerva *itch* is making her return, but I will just have to bear with it.

She might now be a little more bearable because she is an actual villain and not some super wannabe, but who knows. I am just hoping she doesn't get much viewing time, because I don't want to see that wicked witch of the west. She makes me want to get my ruby slippers and click three times in her face.

Grand Magic Games arc (anime)

Now, anyone that was here when I still went onto the chat frequently would know that I thought this was going to be one of the best arcs ever! I thought it would just be nice and simple with an easy little competition and be a nice way to get them back on top, but no. Mashima went and over-complicated it.

Not only was this arc MUCH longer than it needed to be, but it also featured my least favorite character whom made me want to get sick through the entire thing. Not only was she a pain, but I don't remember seeing her fight the dragons, but go figure anyways.

There were, honestly, no highlights in this arc for me, and to be honest I hated the idea about the Eclipse gate. It was basically an arc with a lot of potential which didn't really achieve anything that I was hoping. All in all, it was a big let down to me, and it didn't help being FT's longest arc yet. It was the longest arc, making it not only be my doubt in how FT will play out soon after, but it also killed me softly.

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