• I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is ただの普通女子生徒
  • I am キティとバニーの女帝!

(EDIT: 02/03/2014) Psst, I'm not dead. I am currently inactive and you, the passer-by, will rarely see me around. I cannot guarantee that I'll ever be back as active as I've been in the past so I'll just pop in here whenever I feel like it. v_v Apart from that, I have no further necessary pieces of information to share regarding me on this wiki (and the whole of Wikia I guess) sooooo... adios amigo o desconocido~
Feel free to contact me on my Skype account: minty-cha, or Facebook account: Amanda Bi, which is like... the only two places I'm willing to give here. >___< But, only contact me if I know you. I don't want this random stranger to suddenly ask for my Skype contact details and/or send me a friend request on Facebook. =____= You can just gtfo if you are that type.

  • P.S. While you may, I do not recommend you sending me messages on my talk page mainly because I won't notice it for weeks, or on the less likely case, for months. =/
Last of all.... BUNNY
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