Mehl'an ibn Qa'mar

aka Mell

  • I live in Europe
  • I am Male
Jellal during his enslavement in the Tower

D'aww, isn't he cute? =3

About Me

Huh, what can I say..

  • I'm 19, and I come from a country that most of you have probably never heard of. xD
  • Fairy Tail is my favourite manga/anime, and I want to help as much as I can to create the biggest and most accurate source to everything related to Fairy Tail universe.
  • I'm also an administrator of the biggest, and most active Fairy Tail RPG on the internet! If you're interested in roleplaying, register on our board and roleplay as an unique character in the Fairy Tail universe with your very own unique magic! Join a guild to your liking, go on missions with your guildmates and watch as your character's magical power grows!

Current Projects

  • I'm currently re-reading manga in a very detailed way, adding information to the wiki that hasn't yet been added.
  • When I'm browsing the wiki, I try to fix all the errors and grammar mistakes that I come across.

My Favorite Pages


  • You may want to check the Fairy Tail Main Theme (1st song from the Fairy Tail OST 1), which me and my friend have played on piano and guitar, uploading it on Youtube:
Fairy Tail Main Theme by Noel

Fairy Tail Main Theme by Noel

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