aka Olivia Balifia

  • I live in North America
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is student
  • I am Famale
  • Levy-chan!!!
  • SO PRETTY!!!
  • Her waist is her charm
  • WOW!!!
  • Hey!Waitress!!!
  • Levy's first appearance
  • SO CUTE!!!
  • AWW!!!
  • So sexy!!!
  • Pouty Face!!!

Hi,I'm LovelyLevy17!Nice to meet ya!!!

My Favorite Characters

My Least Favorite Characters

My Favorite Magic and Curse

My Favorite Picture

Levy Sitting on Gajeel SO ADORADLE Gajeel reassures Levy SO sweet Saving LevyGo,Gajeel,go save your girl Don't Leave My SideYes,say yes,Levy!!! [[Levy cries for Fairy Tail to untieThis is the best quote she made. Fairy Girls look at the starry skyThe evening stars were shining bright. SlientGirl's power!!! They are flirtingDon't flirt each other,you two lovebrids!!! Gajeel and levy Mouth to MouthTHIS IS THE BEST PICTURE EVER!!! Gajeel carries LevyUpupupu!!! Gajeel Interrupts Levy's Writing|How concerned your love,Gajeel Fairy Tail members in Opening 19|Snowy Day Lucy, Levy and Yukino investigate in libraryMy favorite place Levy finds the Celestial GlobeMore like a treasure hunt Fairy Tail Members ready to go to Celestial Spirit World Gajeel, Levy and Lily in Celestial Spirit ClothingHow lovely are they!!! Levy Saves Gajeel from the Eclipse Celestial Spirit King's AttackLevy saves her man!!! Gajeel and Levy Kissing in Juvia's ImaginationThey're kissing!!! Fairy Tail Height Comparison ChartI like this picture

==My Dis Favorite Picture Magic Council Members Height Comparison

Fairy Tail's Happiest Monments

Fairy Tail celebrate their victoryVictory is ours!!! Levy Glad that Gajeel is AliveHow sweetest momtent that I ever seen Ending FT Houhou no MikoFIGHT!!!TWO DRAGON SLAYERS!!! Hisui refuses to hide from the battleHow brave the princess is!!! FT members all togetherIt's nice to have everyone with you,right? Slider - Manga (Battle)COUNTER ATTACK!!!


Millianna,Levy,Happy,Calra and Panther LilySlide is funn!!! Two Celestial Spirit Mages Two Swordwomen The Strauss Sisters Two Sky Sisters Evergreen, Juvia and Cana

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