aka Levy McGarden

  • My occupation is Student e3e
  • I am Female X3

My Magic(s)

Name Description Picture
Water Magic Water Nebula Anime
Solid Script Solid script
Celestial Spirit Magic Lucy standing with her Celestial Spirits

My Solid Script Spells

Solid Script: Water - The word "WATER" appears in the air made out of water.

Solid Script: Earth - The word "EARTH",which is made out of stones,attacks the target from below.

Solid Script: Tornado - The word "TORNADO" appears above the target and starts spinning real fast and makes a tornado.

Solid Script: Heaven's Fist - The words "HEAVEN'S FIST", which are made of metal, fall from the sky on the target.

Solid Script: Ice - The word "ICE" appears in the air made out of ice.

Solid Script: Guard - The word "GUARD" appears infront of caster and protects it from attacks.

Solid Script: Heal - The word "HEAL" appears near the target and heals it's injuries.

Solid Script: Iron - The word "IRON" appears infront of caster and attacks the target.

My Water Spells

Water Slicer - Water slicers attack the target

Water Lock - Water locks the target in a big bubble

Water Nebula - Two waves attack the target

Water Jigsaw - Turns body into a jigsaw made of water

Water Cane - The hand of the caster becomes a water whip

Water Bullets - Bullets of water appear near the caster and attack the target with super speed

Water Cyclone - The caster summons a water tornado which heads to the target

My Celestial Spirit Gate Keys

Golden Keys

Gate of the Goat Key - Summons the Goat, Capricorn

Gate of the Maiden Key - Summons the Maiden, Virgo

Gate of the Golden Bull Key - Summons the Bull, Taurus

Gate of the Water Bearer - Summons the Water Bearer, Aquarius

Gate of the Scorpion Key - Summons the Scorpion, Scorpio

Gate of the Scales Key - Summons Libra, The Scales

Gate of the Twins Key - Summons the twins, Gemini

Silver Keys

Gate of the Cross Key - Summons the Southern Cross, Crux

Gate of the Clock Key - Summons the Clock, Horologium

Gate of the River Key - Summons the River, Eridanus

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