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Failing to comply with these rules once will warrant a warning, second will warrant another warning and the 3rd time will warrant you with a ban, but it'll depend how long by me and me alone....

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Current Fights

Battle 16:Welcome to Fairy Hills!! VS. Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Time Limit
August 11th
OVA with..well with a school twist..which episode is better? WINNER!

Votes for Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Votes for Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Solid Script: Opinion

Fight Results

  1. Lucy VS. Erza (Tie 5-5)
  2. Freed Justine VS. Bickslow (Freed WINS 6-3) BR
  3. Cana Alberona VS. Evergreen (Evergreen WINS 4-6) BR
  4. Alzack Connell VS. Bisca Connell (Tie 4-4)
  5. Ren's Air Magic VS. Eve's Snow Magic (Ren's Air Magic WINS 3-1)
  6. Romeo Conbolt & Pantherlily Vs. Wendy Marvell & Lisanna Strauss (Romeo and Pantherlily WINS 4-0) BR
  7. Sting Eucliffe & Lucy Heartfilia Vs.Hibiki Lates & Flare Corona (Sting and Lucy WINS 4-0) BR
  8. Jet VS. Droy (Jet WINS 6-1)
  9. Sugarboy VS. Hughes (Sugarboy WINS 4-2)
  10. Mystogan VS. Jellal (Jellal WINS 2-5)
  11. Rustyrose VS. Zancrow (Rustyrose WINS 7-0)
  12. Gray & Elfman VS. Juvia & Evergreen (Juvia and Evergreen WINS 1-5) BR
  13. Cobra & Racer VS. Midnight & Hoteye (Midnight & Hoteye WINS 5-2) BR
  14. Romeo Conbolt VS. Wendy (Wendy WINS 0-2) BR
  15. Ultear Milkovich VS. Lyon Vastia (Ultear WINS 3-0) BR
  16. Angel VS. Yukino Aguria (Yukino WINS 0-2) BR
  17. Virgo VS. Sagittarius (Virgo WINS 7-0)
  18. Plue VS. Horologium (Plue WINS 5-2)
  19. Cuberos VS. Kinana (Cuberos WINS 3-0)
  20. Blue Pegasus VS. Lamia Scale (Lamia Scale WINS 1-3)
  21. Natsu & Lucy vs Gray & Juvia (Gray & Juvia WINS 0-6) BR
  22. Samuel VS. Pantherlily (Pantherlily WINS 2-6)
  23. Zentopia Church VS. Oracion Seis (Oracion Seis WINS 0-7)
  24. Sting Eucliffe VS. Rogue Cheney (Rogue Cheney WINS 0-5)
  25. Reborn Oración Seis VS. Oración Seis (Reborn Oracion Seis WINS 5-1)
  26. Erza Scarlet VS. Evergreen (Erza Scarlet WINS 1-0)
  27. Welcome to Fairy Hills!! VS. Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan! (Undecided)


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