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Umi Fairdusk was an Independent Mage. She is currently a Mage of Lamia Scale. She too like Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel had their parents disappearing in the year X777, Umi's foster mother Hydriaos[3], a Water Dragon had also disappeared during that time, she became a marauder until she came across the guild "Mermaid Heel". However after a falling out, she left and now resides in the Lamia Scale Guild.


Umi takes the appearance of a 15 year old girl in the year X784, she is endowed with a blue bustier with a central navy plating from her chest to her hips, around her hips she has sapphire jewels around her hips criss crossing up to her neck where it is connected, she also wears a short pinstriped blue and white miniskirt. She wears blue high heels. Umi has navy hair and blue irises which is well known in the Lamia Scale Guild, thus motiff-ing her water theme.

In her year X791 appearance, she is more slender, with an S figure as well as a bigger bust as well as a goldenrod bustier down to her stomach with bubbles drawn in the center, she still wears her sapphire jeweled chain, however it is now on her left wrist, where it is wrapped around, she wears a longer blue skirt with aqua horizontal lines going across it. She now keeps her hair in a side ponytail. [4]

Her first guild mark was on her right bosom and was colored navy, after joining the Lamia Scale Guild, her new mark is inside the palm of her left hand and is colored aqua.


She is one of the quiet type of the bunch, she mainly keeps to herself, however in terms of battle, she is focused and determined in battle and will even insult others in battle so that she'll gain a mental edge. Though brash in battle, she is the opposite, outside of battle where she is mainly shy, and albeit anti-social.

She can be extremely kind to her "friends", mainly to Lena Lee who also had changed Guilds to be with her, however with this she has double personality towards Lena, where she is shy and kind to her at first, and the next moment she becomes sadistic towards her.[5]

She is does not understand the concept of "love" and sees it as a distraction.[6] She is known to get into petty fights with Sherry Blendy[7] due to this.


As the Water Dragon disappear in the year X777, Umi started wondering around the Fiore, it wasn't until she found the Guild Mermaid Heel, she talked to the Guild Master, however he/she asked who she was, she replied "A Water Dragon Slayer..Master", the guild was surprised to have a Dragon Slayer in their guild, everyone started lavishing her with gifts (one in which the Guild master gave Umi a water dragon lacrima)[8] and every one wanted for her to join their team and go on jobs. Umi however went to Lena Lee an Artillery Requipping Mage and joined the Zero Stance Team. As Umi went on jobs with Zero Stance besides Lena, the rest of the team started giving Umi the cold shoulder and started talking behind her back, one of her team members Ashi Oto a Sound Mage, started talking to the Guild Master mainly saying lies in which Umi had done, soon the guild itself except Lena started despising her as well. A month later, Umi couldn't take the hate that the guild had for her even though they were all lies, during this time Lena had found a "Etherion fragment" from one of his informants as a gift, as Lena went into the Mermaid Heel Guild, Umi started fighting against all the guild members, and the Guild Master told to Lena that Umi has now become a traitor to the guild and is excommunicated, Umi rampaged around the guild defeating countless guild members, as she rampaged she saw what Lena was holding and took the fragment off Lena, there Umi eat the fragment and went into Dragon Force utterly destroying the guild, however one Mage was left standing from the wreckage. Oto had survived Umi's attack and then started fighting against a tired Umi, Umi had gotten badly hurt by Ashi's Sound Resonance, getting Umi to the ground, until Lena shot Ashi, there Lena carried Umi and fled the destroyed Mermaid Heel.

As Umi and Lena was wondering around, as Independent Mages, Umi forgave Lena for what she had done, however Lena told Umi that it wasn't her fault, then Umi slapped Lena[9] saying "I DESTROYED YOUR HOME LENA, YOU BAKA!!!!!", Lena replied "No home is a home without you Umi", there Umi cried and said nothing. After adventuring around Fiore, Umi and Lena came across wanted papers for one "Umi Fairdusk". Umi came to a distant town where there a guild, they both entered the Lamia Scale Guild, afraid that the guild members there might turn them in, however a bald robed man[10] approached them saying that their welcome to stay here. Confused about why they weren't turned in to the Magic Council, Jura explained that Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale are rival Guilds.[11]

There for the next 3 years, Umi had to stay inside the guild until the wanted papers for her were died down, however from this, Lena could be able to do jobs as she wasn't wanted, he earned jewels so that she and Umi have a place to live.

In the year X782, after another 2 years, the wanted papers for Umi had died down completely and Umi could finally take on jobs in her guild as well as move into Lena's apartment (costing a rent fee for Jewel 80,000 a week).

She took regular to near S-Class Mage jobs, one where she faced a Celestial Mage who summoned a scorpion as well as a mimic entity to retrieve a "Chisel Summon Key"[12].[13]

She then had a good 2 years taking jobs and living with Lena near the Lamia Scale Guild.[14] She heard news of Fairy Tail Mages causing a ruckus as per usual so she one day went to Magnolia Town to see it for herself, she went into the guild and saw a blue cat flying straight past her along with a pink haired guy and a bare chested guy squashing her at the entrance, from this she began going back and forth the Fairy Tail Guild and Lamia Scale Guild to see the blue flying cat. She became a regular visitor to the Fairy Tail guild having gained a friendship to her fellow Dragon Slayer Natsu as well as Gray and Erza. She leaves the Fairy Tail Guild every time there is a brawl or when she thinks she is "eavesdropping".[15]

Currently she hasn't said anything about the Fairy Tail guild to Lena or Lamia Scale.


Lullaby arc

Umi is first seen in the train station seeing both Natsu and Gray fighting as well as Erza talking to a blonde haired girl, she went on the same train as them.

In the train she heard an explosion and tried to see what the commotion was about, however Natsu and the others left the train before she saw what happened.

She is later seen in outside the Clover Town seeing destruction everywhere and the whole town being destroyed, she says "Natsu's doing ain't it...ayeee.....". She later reported her findings of the Lullaby event to Yajima for a reward of (Jewel 40,000).

She before returning to Lamia Scale Guild, she came across 2 weird guys [16], wanting to kidnap her, however before they got the chance, Umi had attacked the two with her Water Dragon Roar, though they were badly wounded they escaped, she later posted a job for the Oshibana Town Thugs.

Loke arc

Umi is seen giving Jewel 11,000 to Loke for his job in capturing the Oshibana Town Thugs, though Umi did give Loke the third degree as Loke tried to flirt with her, leaving Umi no choice but to punch Loke.[17]

Umi is later seen when the Celestial Spirit King presented himself to Loke and Lucy and after Loke was pardoned by the Celestial Spirit King, she seemed impressed with Lucy, giving a small smirk.[18]

Tower of Heaven arc

Umi is later seen in the Akane Resort[19], along with Lena in the roller-coaster and later seeing Natsu and Happy[20] in the casino and Gray with a blue haired dressed woman, she and Lena left the casino as she didn't want Lena to know that she knew about them. After they left, both Wally and Simon appeared before Team Natsu.[21]

Fighting Festival arc

Umi is later back to Magnolia Town, to see Fantasia, however she came 3 days early to see it being setup. She later see the Miss Fairy Tail contest, however she goes completely gaga over Levy and Erza, Lena then appears and hits her over the head telling her to get a grip. Umi is stunned as to how Lena found her, Lena later tells Umi that she knew that Umi had been going back and forth Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale, Lena says that she'll keep her secret to Ooba Babasaama, Umi remarks that granny can be scary at times and thanks Lena.

In a Magnolia hotel, Lena and Umi stays inside while the chaos outside of the fighting festival occurs[22]. From the commotion outside Lena and Umi left the hotel and went to the chaos waiting outside.

Umi and Lena later make their way to Kardia Cathedral due to seeing a dense light engulfing the Cathedral. Umi and Lena later is one of spectators seeing Natsu Dragneel and Laxus Dreyar's fight.

During Fantasia, she is one of the spectators, also when Umi sees Makarov point upward, she accidentally does the same...embarrassing herself in front of Lena.

Oración Seis arc

Umi begins talking to Ooba where Jura, Lyon and Sherry is going, however Ooba says that they're leaving in something secret, a dangerous mission, Umi begins to rant about Sherry being a complete baka and a nuisance, Sherry however overhears this before Lyon, Jura and she leaves, Sherry challenges Umi, belief vs, belief.

Ooba tells the two to take it outside, the two agrees. Outside, Sherry and Umi bow and take steps behind each other before taking a stance. Umi starts off the battle with her Water Dragon Roar, Sherry summons a Mud Doll to deflect the roar, however the impact of collision sends Sherry flying, Umi then uses her Water Dragon Scales: Wave Motion and starts shooting bullets out of her body all hitting Sherry in the process, however Sherry tries to control the water bullets, Umi laughs at this saying "The water bullets are a part of me Sherry, the bullets are of human extension" therefore Sherry can't manipulate them. Sherry falls and as a coup de grace, Umi ends the fight by clothes-lining her in the face [23].

Umi tells that both their "beliefs" are right in some ways, she tells Sherry to not go overboard with her "love talk". Umi gives the trio going into the Light Team, Water Vernier and Water Arms (though she tried it became ineffective by the time they went to Bob's Palace).

Umi then went on a job to the Worth Woodsea, upon getting into the woods, Umi saw ruins of some machine, Umi then lifted herself using her Water Dragon Roar into the ruins. There Umi saw nothing but destroyed buildings...until she came across a man.[24]. Umi then tried to wake up the man, however as soon as the man awoke, he automatically said "NATSU!!!!!!!!!", Umi from this backed off from the mysterious man. The man then said "I can hear you..girl", Umi then took a stance.[25]. The man started by going into Dragon Force with scaly purple skin, Umi then realized that he was a Dragon Slayer. The man spoke "I just fought one monster of a pint-sized brat, I'm not gonna lose to you, I'm Cobra, one of the generals of the Oración Seis and I can hear you!". Umi then released a Water Dragon Roar, however Cobra dodged it, from there Cobra started his Dragon Roar, Umi then used Water Sphere to guard against Cobra's Roar, however the sheer impact of the roar, burst her Sphere mildly damaging Umi. Umi then gave herself Water Vernier and Water Arms, Cobra tried to quickly stop this however Umi dodged his attacks then punched Cobra, however Cobra also dodged Umi's punches. Cobra then casted Poison Dragon's Fang Thrust, Umi however didn't have time to act and got a full blast of his attack. Umi limping stood up then released Water Blossom Blades onto Cobra, however once again Cobra missed the attack and then Cobra punched Umi in the face, leaving Umi knocked out. Umi however stood up again and there her sheer anger at her not getting a hit on Cobra, Umi's anger releasing a dragon aura around her. Cobra seeing this before backed away however Umi's right arm was covering in intense amount of water, Umi said "Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 業魔)"......."Water God Pillar!!!!!!!!"[26], Cobra unable to dodge such a huge attack, got impacted by the huge water pillar, knocking him out. Umi then roared winning the battle against Cobra.[27]

Later the Rune Knights found and arrested Cobra with Umi assisting them[28].

Later back at the Lamia Scale Guild, Umi talks to Ooba and gets her jewels for her job in taking down one of the Oración Seis [29]. Jura, Lyon and Sherry appear saying that they're back, Umi laughs off the conversation with Ooba and talks to Jura, Lyon and Sherry about their mission.

Daphne arc

Umi is later seen in the hanami of Fairy Tail along with Lena, she situated herself with Team Shadow Gear. During the bingo, Umi had no luck however Lena had nearly gotten the 3rd bingo win, however both Juvia, Elfman and Cana had gotten to it before Lena did.[30]

Later Umi is seen cheering for Team Natsu during the annual Fairy Tail's 24 Hour Endurance Road Race and was surprised and happy to see Happy, Wendy and Carla pass the finish line first though she was still shocked and amused to see Natsu, Jet, Gajeel and Gray come last and know of their punishment.

Couple days later, Umi talks to Natsu and Gray about how their 24 Hour Endurance Road Race punishment was, both which they wanted to forget.

Lamia Scale's S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial

Ooba and Jura made an announcement for Lamia Scale's S Class Promotion Trial said to be set in Lamia's Castle, the home of Lamia Scale's founder residence resides.

Ooba called in 7 of the people who will be attending the Trial one of which was Umi. The rules [31] were told and after the meeting Umi chose Lena as her partner, with some of the guild members stating the obvious that Umi would have chosen Lena, no doubt. However she ran rampant, completely nervous about the trials with Lena trying to comfort the eccentrically nervous Umi.

The 3 days before the S-Class Trial, Umi still nervous, caused the entire Guild to be rebuilt due to the excess water created from Umi's nervous crying. On the day of the S-Class Trial, Ooba and Jura told the 7 participants and their partners that the S-Class Trial is to begin now and as their first trial to each take one of the SE plugged-cars to the Lamia Castle, as Ooba and Jura will be waiting for them there, however as a twist Ooba said that the last 2 to get to the Castle will be automatically eliminated. Umi froze in shock that she might be eliminated, rushed Lena into the SE car and sped to find the castle while Jura and the rest of the Lamia Scale S Class participants look in utter disbelief.

Umi desperately trying to find the castle was then onslaughted with attacks from the other 6 guild members, Zeman used Telekinesis to lift stones from the road to throw it at Umi, Umi deflected the stones with her Water Dragon Roar, then followed up with a Vector Sea using the canals, knocking Zeman off his SE car. Umi later confronted Gin, in which Gin used light blades to attack Umi's car, Umi cast Water Sphere on her car, both deflecting Gin's light blade and incidentally throwing Gin's car off course.

In the end Umi and Lena made it to the castle second, with Jura and Ooba congratulating them. In the end 5 remained, Umi & Lena, Lyon & Sherry, Yuka & A Take Over Guild member as well as 2 other pair of Lamia Scale members.

Ooba then greeted the 5 and also told the 5 that both Gin and Zeman were eliminated. Ooba then proceeded with the next real trial.

Ooba then announced the next trial. The trial was to find 2 Lamia Scale insignia's throughout the castle, fist pair to touch it wins, the other 3 pairs would go home. Jura also said that it's a free for all in fighting however there were only two rules, both members must be touching the insignia's and also that Jura would also be in the castle, either fighting or blocking their paths. Ooba fired a small fire ball commencing the next trial.

Lena started by installing an attached laser gun on her arm to fire at Lyon and Sherry, Lyon blocked it with his Ice Make: Eagle, Umi then used her Water Dragon Roar to cause the entire bottom floor be flooded. Umi then grabbed Lena to the second floor of the castle. However what they didn't notice was Jura using his Magic to tier to the second floor, as Umi and Lena was running trying to find the insignia, Lena found one on the walls at the end, however before Umi could go there, Jura stopped then by placing a rock barrier to stop Umi from proceeding. Umi then said to Jura, "I'd never of thought that I had to defeat you Jura....", Jura replied "I didn't intend to but I must as the Guild Ace Umi-dono.". Lena requipped to launch grenades at rock barrier, however Jura stopped her by planting a rock structure in front of her, knocking her out. Umi angry of what Jura had merely wiped Lena out like that, started attacking, however a loud voice was heared saying "Lyon and Sherry passes, two pairs remaining, two pairs knocked out". Umi from this started throwing water breath after Vector Seas, however Jura dodged them all by blocking it with his Earth Magic. Umi then from seeing Lena's unconscious face, she somehow requipped two small revolvers[32], Umi from there started onslaughting Jura with bullet attacks and water body attacks. The onslaught being so strong both destroyed Jura's rock barrier as well as knocking Jura out. Umi however went into a frenzy attacking anything on her path[33], Lena however caught Umi hand and telling her that everything will be ok. From this Umi calmed down and Umi and Lena finally walked to the insignia making them go into the finals........against Lyon and Sherry.[34]

Lyon, Sherry, Umi and Lena then went to the top floor of the castle where Ooba and Jura[35] was waiting for them there. Ooba then said the final trial....

The Final trial was to both defeat your opponent (1 on 1) while attacking green rings that appear in the sky, the person with the most green rings hit or the person who knocks out the other will win.

Ooba started the trial, Umi started by using her Water Dragon Roar at Lyon, however Lyon used Ice Make: Snow Tiger to deflect Umi's attack, however when it was deflected green rings appear and Umi scored 3 points already from the deflection, Lyon then started using Ice Make: Eagle to hit the rings, however Umi started punching and kicking Lyon after he cast the Ice Make Eagles[36], Lyon countered Umi by dodging then attacked Umi by using Ice Make: Snow Dragon. Umi got hit full blast of it[37], Umi then used Vector Sea[38] to hit several rings[39] then redirect it to Lyon which he got full blast of it. From there neither Lyon or Umi attacked and aimed at hitting the rings. Ooba then said "One minute left...", Umi automatically used Water Blossom Blades on the unsuspecting Lyon, however before it could connect, Lyon blasted Umi with Ice-Make: Hedgehog, stunning her, Lyon then released the ice spikes to several of the green rings. Time nearly over however Umi's aura started to appear forming a Water Sphere around her, then she burst the Water Sphere causing the droplets to hit several rings. From that the trial was over.

Ooba then announced the the newest S Class Mage..........

UMI WINS 77-70.

Umi and the other S Class participants then appeared and celebrated on top of the Lamia Castle[40].......Umi had become an S Class Mage.....Lyon, Sherry and Jura congratulated Umi as well as Lena.

However the next day back at Lamia Scale Guild, Ooba gave Umi a note.........a note to pay for repairs for the Lamia Castle's first floor [41]. Umi shocked at this ran away out of the guild with Ooba chasing after her, shouting at her to pay for the repairs.

Edolas arc

  • Note:While Umi was going along with the S-Class Promotion Trial, Umi's Edolas Counterpart - Umi Strifedawn[42] takes her place in this arc.[43]

Umi Strifedawn is the Royal Army Captain of the 5th Magic War Division, she is also Umi Fairdusk's Edolas counterpart.

Umi is first seen talking to Knightwalker about the prisoners escaping, from there she just tailed and watched Knightwalker from the sidelines.

After that she went into the amusement park and waited until Sugarboy and Hughes appeared. She wanted intel on the prisoners, she was also wanted to find one person in particular. Sugarboy told for Umi to find her prey, Hughes told her the location of her whereabouts....

Umi was later seen in the town of Louen with her Legion, she tracked and found Lucy Ashely.

Umi spoke to Lucy about why she needs to end Lucy to stop the facade of Guilds, and as to why they keep opposing Faust. Lucy responded that the Earthland Mages will take care of Faust and stop the madness, Umi however wasn't impressed and started fighting Lucy by bringing up her sword.[44].

Umi and Lucy both clashed in the middle of the street causing citizens to take cover, however since Ashely didn't have time, she merely dodged Umi's attack and fled[45]. From this Umi was more determined to beat Lucy Ashely.

Later she goes back to the amusement park and sees a huge octopus, and Sugarboy and Hughes knocked out. From this Umi goes on to track and find Lucy Ashely.

Later during the war with Earthland & Edolas Fairy Tail Mages with the Royal Army, Umi finally finds Lucy Ashely and starts fighting.

Umi starts by by transforming her sword element into fire and ice Blizzard Inferno Scimitar, then starts firing and slashing at Ashely, Ashely dodges it and grabs a hold of Umi's scimitar, with Umi's scimitar thrown away, Umi quickly calls her Legion to gust at the area, Umi from this grabs her scimitar and changes it to water and earth Rock Torrent Blade and shoots water bullets at Ashely, Ashely however dodges them, however due to the Royal Army crowding around them, the water bullets hits them instead. Umi then changes her sword into 4 Elements of Gaia Greatsword, and starts crumbling the floating Island, shooting water bullets and thunder shocks as well as causing the crumbling Island to grow ice spikes, just as Umi is about to strike Ashely, Ashely uses her whip to deflect the shots fired at her, however the crumbling island breaks completely leaving both Umi and Ashely to fall on the main island[46]. Before Umi could change her sword however her sword turned into a white color.....Edolas' magic was being seeped into the Reverse-Anima.

With Edolas' magic disappearing, Umi started to cry out at what was happened and why she did this......Earthland Lucy and Edo-Lucy however talks to Umi about how that you can start over and begin anew, she can rebuild the world without magic. Umi then accepts this and continues to see Edolas' magic disappear with a new mindset.

Later Umi was called to Mystogan for her punishment[47], she started helping rebuild Edolas, she was now Knightwalker's assistant.

Later back in Earthland, Earthland-Umi goes into the Fairy Tail Guild and greets the returned Lisanna, however Lucy begins talking to Umi about her Edolas counterpart, Umi clearly confused about what Lucy is talking about.

X791 arc

Prelude (X784 ~ X791)

2 years after the Fairy Tail's Tenrou Team disappearance, Umi still went to the Fairy Tail Guild, however with the missing members, she felt that the Guild had lost it's luster. A month past and Twilight Ogre started demanding Jewels off Fairy Tail, upon Umi hearing about this, Umi came to protect the remaining Fairy Tail members from the Twilight Orge members, however due to her not actually being a Fairy Tail member, she was torn. Umi had to decide, help the remaining Fairy Tail members or keep her life over at Lamia Scale.

The next day, she heard word about the Twilight Ogre members going to harass the Fairy Tail members, Umi went straight to Fairy Tail. Umi stood watch outside the Fairy Tail guild as a bodyguard against Twilight Ogre. She however didn't expect was her sworn nemesis.......Ashi Oto had came with the Twilight Ogre group. Umi stunned and angry by this development started developing her dragon aura almost as she saw Ashi. Umi asked "WHy ArE YoU WiTH THEM ASHI!!!!!!!", Ashi replied "OoooOooooOh if it isn't Miss Destructo Baka, well if you didn't notice, I've joined Twilight Ogre, also I'm still in Mermaid Heel...heheheheee....", Ashi then breathed in.....


From this Umi collapsed[48].......

As Umi woke up, she saw a ruined Fairy Tail guild, with the members crowding around her trying to help her, Umi however in a fit of rage[49], she fled Fairy Tail. Umi told herself "I can't go back to Fairy Tail anymore...I can't, she knows I'll be there....I'm sorry...Fairy Tail....".

3 years past.... X789.....

Umi for 3 years hadn't gone to the Fairy Tail Guild, she stayed in Lamia Scale and carried on with her life, however the mental stability of her from Ashi's re-encounter left her partially insane, especially during jobs where she would just shout out loud for no reason as well as her going into Dragon Force mode unconsciously and almost destroying an entire town, Lena always stayed by her due to this.

2 years past........X791....

Umi now didn't go to Fairy Tail Guild for 5 years straight, now knowing that the Guild was now nothing[50]. Umi's anger didn't stop and she wanted Twilight Ogre and Ashi to pay, however she was in no place to take down an entire guild let alone Ashi........

Days later, Umi sees Jura talking to several of the guild members and soon enough Jura talks to Umi about Fairy Tail's missing members have returned, from this Umi finally smiled, in the 5 long depressing years, she finally smiled at some of her friends had not died and are still alive. Umi cried so much which caused a flood, Sherry used her Doll Magic to change the flood into a Water Doll and whisked it away out of the Guild. Umi then excited and happy, finally reverted back to normal (though getting revenge to Ashi was still on her mind), Lena was happy to see Umi like this as well, smiling at her.

Later Umi left with Jura and the rest to visit Fairy Tail, after 5 long years....she excitedly talked to everyone in the Fairy Tail guild about what happened to them and general chatter while Jura was talking to Makarov.

Key of Starry Sky Arc

"Coming Soon"

Grand Magic Games arc

Umi back in the Lamia Scale guild, received some news from both Ooba and Lena, Ooba that she will be one of the participants for the Grand Magic Games, and from Lena.....that she can't come to support her. Umi shocked by this went to Jura about this matter, Jura explained that it was his idea to make Lena not go with Umi as it would try and control her anger without Lena's help. Jura also told Umi to hold in her anger, as well as that Ashi Oto will be participating as well in Mermaid Heel.

From this Umi felt both confused and angry, though she felt enlightened now....for that now she can finally get pay back to Ashi in the Games, and that maybe during the Games, she can control her anger[51], she also felt happy that she might be fighting the "true Fairy Tail", after being a spectator of the GMG for 5 years, however as she sees a mysterious figure outside her guild who quickly runs away when she sees Lena greeting her. Umi tells who the unknown figure was, Lena tells Umi that she couldn't catch a name however she seemed really familiar[52]

"Rest of the arc, Coming Soon!!!!!!"

Appearances in Other Media


OVA 2:Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!

Umi appears as a student over at the Lamia Academy always taking classes over at Fairy Academy, only Lucy finds this completely farfetched, as to why Umi is in two schools at the same time, there Lena is seen dragging Umi back to Lamia Academy.

Umi is later seen in the crowd when the fight between the 5 Courage students and the Fairy Academy student's brawled.

Later Umi is in the same class as Natsu and Lucy when she sees Juvia and Gajeel enrolling as new students, Lena then appears and says why Umi is still doing this and once again drags Umi out of Lucy's classroom.

Magic and Abilities

Water Dragon Slayer Magic(ウォーター・ドラゴン・スレイアー・マジック):She is adept with her Dragon Slayer Magic and makes use of it in many different ways in combat. As with all Dragon Slayers, she can consume his respective element, with the exception of that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves. She can is able to use water to her advantage as well as using her direct vein in Dragon Slayer Magic. She uses both offensive and defensive magic, making her a deadly opponent.

  • Water Dragon's Roar(ウォーター・ドラゴン・ロー):Umi holds her breath and streams out a torrent of water which knocks opponents
  • Water Dragon Scales(ウォーター・ドラゴン・スケイルズ):Umi changes her skin into water based scales, hardening her body from incoming attacks
  • Water Dragon Scales: Wave Motion (ウォーター・ドラゴン・スケイルズ・ウェイブ・モーシュン):Umi's body is able to turn into water
    • Water Snake (ウォーター・スネイク):Umi's body changes into a snake, whipping opponents
    • Water Barrel Shots (ウォーター・バレル・ショツ):Umi's water body shoots out water bullets onto opponents
  • Water Sphere (ウォーター・スフィア):Umi encases her entire body in a ball of water, protecting herself from attacks, she can also expand it a bit to let in and guard her teammates from incoming attacks.
  • Water Vernier (ウォーター・ベニーアー):Umi cloaks herself in a water around her body giving herself protection
  • Water Arms (ウォーター・アームズ): Umi cloaks her fists in red water increasing her overall strength in her punches
  • Water Blossom Blades (ウォーター・ブロッソム・ブレイッズ): Umi engulfs her fists with water, then twirls around bombarding opponents with a torrent of water sending them flying
  • Vector Sea (ベックター・シー):If near water, Umi will control the water in a form of a giant arrow, and "shoot" at opponents.
  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 業魔)
    • Water God Pillar (ウォーター・ゴッド・ピラー) :Umi encases her right arm with an intense amount of water extremely quickly causing a giant water pillar on her arm, she then slashes with it to the ground causing the pillar to burst causing torrents of water to damage opponents or drowning them in the sea of destruction.
    • Nocturne Burst (ノックターン・バースト): Umi releases 5 large water balls from her right arm which floats in mid-air, then on Umi's command she'll roar causing the water balls to reverberate causing the water balls to explode in a shower of intense water bullets homing on opponents.
  • Dragon Force: Torrent of the Blue (ドラゴン・フォース・トレント・オブ・ザー・ブルー): Umi ultimate attack, like Natsu who has also achieved Dragon Force, however she is only an amateur and trying to perfect this move. Umi will cloaks herself in water, then start rapidly punching and kicking her opponents, then finally the water around her body will expand then form into sharp water spikes then exploding, while Umi roars. [53]

Note:Though Umi is a Third Generation Dragon Slayer, she cannot enter this state whenever she makes use of her Dragon Slayer Magic, however her power will still increase like Old-Style Dragon Slayers which also includes the dragon-like aura.[54] Also note that Umi only attempted to try her Dragon Force move only once due to extremely good circumstances

  • The Artillery: .87 Twin Revolvers:Umi knows only to equip this kind of magic, due to Lena. Umi holds a twin caliber revolver, both on the same hand (the triggers go on her fingers), she fires blue short bullets from both that have a short impact after hitting. This in conjunction with her Water Dragon Magic, allows her to utilizes her agility and strength of battle style at the same time.

Enhanced Durability:For her figure, she is known to take extreme damage, and still be able to stand.

Enhanced Speed:For her figure she is capable of moving extremely quickly and with her Dragon Slayer Magic, she is known to cast her magic quickly as well. She trains with Lena every day, dodging Lena's Bayonet shots.

Enhanced Strength:Being a Dragon Slayer she is shown to have immense strength, even capable of knocking out several guild members from one attack

Expert Hand to Hand Combat:As her main weapon are her arms and legs, she utilizes her attacks accordingly. She spars with Lena every day.

Enhanced Smell:Being a Dragon Slayer, it's a given that she can smell from long distances and able to detect and trail scents.

Keen Intellect:Though she may not seem like the type, she is known to be a tactical striker, striking when her opponents are down and defending when need to.

Breath Underwater:She is known to breath underwater as "Hydriaos" taught her[55]


Lena Lee

Umi's relationship with Lena is that of a tsundere, she is shy to her at first but then starts attacking/going completely nervous in front of her leading to either the destruction of the building that their in. Lena is Umi's emotional drive force, she also keeps Umi's anger in check.

Umi and Lena's mindset is mainly to protect each other no matter what....

Ashi Oto

Umi at first was kind and overall neutral over Ashi, until Ashi started telling lies to her fellow Mermaid Heel members, from this, Umi started growing paranoid over Ashi, and soon that paranoia came reality when Umi went berserk and soon she became a "personal" rival, as the effects Ashi placed on Umi, caused Umi to be excommunicated from the Mermaid Heel Guild. Umi holds deep hatred for her to the point on when she met her again, she automatically reached Dragon Force mode without her realizing.

Natsu Dragneel

Is shown to get along with Natsu very lively as well as speaking to Natsu like an old friend, due to both of them being Dragon Slayers as well as both of their tendencies for destruction, they are a two peas from the same pod.

Natsu, if Lena is on a job, will be Umi's sparring partner which Umi enjoys as she can fight with a person in near level as she is in.


One of Umi's Fairy Tail favourites, Happy was the main reason for Umi to go back and forth Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale. Happy and Umi are in good terms wit each other, joking about Lucy or just part of Team Natsu's antics.

Gray Fullbuster

Similar to Natsu, they get along well as well as speaking to Gray like a old friend.

Erza Scarlet

Umi and Erza are in close terms with each other, both getting along quite well, Umi also respects Erza[56], as such Erza respects Umi for having friends beyond her own guild.

Lucy Heartfilia

Umi to Lucy at first thought that Lucy was a novice compared to Umi, however as Umi saw Lucy evolve in the ways, Umi started talking to Lucy more as well as Umi wanting Lucy to tell her about her Celestial Spirits except Taurus. They are in good terms by the Oracion Seis arc.

Jura Neekis

One of Umi's idols, also one of Umi's support during her past, Umi has respect for Jura for what he had done and also tries to help Jura at times...which fails sometimes. Jura is shown to be a father figure to Umi in a ways, teaching and supporting her.

However during the Lamia Scale's S Class Trial, when Umi faced off with Jura, Umi didn't hold back as she wanted to become an S Class, Jura tells Umi to give her all.

Lyon Vastia

Shown to be Guild rivals and a spot for S Class, Umi and Lyon have the same rivalry as Natsu to Erza. Though both are silent to each other and respect each other. The rivalry between them only surfaces if they are facing each other, both think that they are worthy adversaries.

Sherry Blendy

One of Umi's annoyances within the Lamia Scale Guild, though this is only shown in a somewhat playful way. Often shown as polar opposites, they butt heads alot.

Umi however after the Oración Seis arc, is shown to have cooled down, however Umi is shown to be still annoyed by Sherry being in the Lamia Scale guild.

Their relationship is extremely similar to Natsu & Gray's relationship, though a bit more distant, however the rivalry is one in the same.

Ooba Babasaama

Ooba and Umi are not in good terms most of the time, with Umi blatantly ignoring Ooba's rants. Ooba however gets extremely angry from this and either from Umi not listening to her or destroying Lamia Scale's guild building, Ooba is always shown to chase after Umi, shouting at her to pay for repairs.

In the serious side such as events or trying to take down a Dark Guild however Umi's attitude is the opposite towards Ooba, though after the meeting she reverts back to her normal behavior.

Levy, Jet and Droy

Shown to be in good terms as to, during the Fairy Tail hanami.


Umi got to know Wendy during the Fairy Tail hanami[57]. Umi is shown cheering for Wendy for coming in second in the Fairy Tail 24 Hour Endurance Race.


Umi was and is in bad terms with Loke, mainly due to Loke trying to flirt with Umi, which ended in Umi punching Loke to the face. Umi sees Loke as annoying and a baka ladies man.

Battles & Events


  • "Umi" means the Ocean/Sea in Japanese.
  • LegendAqua got the idea for Umi to be a Water Dragon Slayer from Hiro's scrapped idea for Wendy during her early development to be a Water Dragon Slayer
  • Umi's personality is a mix of Fairy Tail female members, such as Lucy, Juvia, Wendy and Erza(Young).
  • Umi's last name reflects her personality, as she seems to be neutral in most aspects(Fair) but can be vague in her feelings.(Dusk)
  • Umi's Magic is essentially a combination of both Juvia's Water Magic, Wendy's Support Magic(eg. Vernier) and Natsu's Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • Umi's idols currently are Natsu[58], Erza[59] and Jura
  • Umi has a fear of cows or any anthropomorphic versions of them[60][61]
  • Apparently Umi knows Karen Lilica through Lena.
  • According to Jason from the Sorcerer Magazine, during his participation in the Grand Magic Games of X791, Umi's stats are...
Attack Power
Defensive Power


  1. Well her water motif pretty much says it why she would have joined this guild
  2. I wanted her new mark to be "Lucy" inspired so thought the opposite of Lucy's mark for her Fairy Tail mark
  3. Original?....maybe?
  4. Once again referencing Lucy's side ponytail as well
  5. So in a ways...she a tsundere....
  6. If someone ever does get attracted to Umi and does try and reciprocate feelings to her, she will start attacking that person until they have been knocked out, this is one of her many faults that she doesn't want to change
  7. Of course, the girl who doesn't understand love to the girl who blurts out the word love every time she opens her mouth, it's a petty fight just waiting to happen
  8. Umi thought it was a rare gem, she accidentally implanted it when the guild members of Mermaid Heel crowded her pushing herself into the lacrima, therefore implanting the lacrima, this is how she "accidentally" became a 3rd Generation Dragon Slayer
  9. Tsundere.....
  10. Always wanted to see Jura in his Guild
  11. As Fairy Tail was rivalry to Phantom Lord.....good choice???
  12. Caelum didn't get that much background here's a little backdrop
  13. Hehehe...thought of this since Jet had a run in with Racer so how about Umi take on a Celestial Mage???
  14. From this Umi should be in the arcs starting from Loke Arc, from it me or will Umi meet Lucy soon???...answer..maybe???
  15. Well this sums up practically how she becomes a fan of Happy and how her friendship with both Lamia Scale and Fairy Tail guild members will affect her, it's as if she's in both guilds..making things even more complicated!!!
  16. The two perverts who tried to kidnap Lucy in the Loke arc
  17. To be expected >_>
  18. When I watched the episode where the Celestial Spirit King presented himself to Loke and Lucy, I was like it would have been so cool if someone was looking below and seeing them from the waterfalls
  19. What?..can't Umi have a relaxing time???
  20. Wanted to include this in because well I can and how cool would it be if Umi got canoned just like Wendy!
  21. You thought I couldn't get Umi a Lamia Scale guild member to be in the Tower of Heaven Arc?..wrong! ^^
  22. apparently she saw Erza fighting a green fairy and saw a a dark light and couple explosions
  23. As to when Lucy won against Sherry :P
  24. Yes that right!!!
  25. And yes...were fighting Cobra
  26. Yay!!! Umi finally knows a Dragon Slayer Art move!!!
  27. This entire battle takes place while the Light Team are in the Cait Shelter Guild
  28. Her job was to help the Light Team as asked by Ooba
  29. In reality the Rune Knights gave payment to Umi for helping them capturing Cobra but used Ooba as a medium as Umi left before the Knights could give Umi her reward, the job worth is Jewel 80,000 (This job was for HER RENT :D)
  30. From the hanami, Umi got to know the newest member of Fairy Tail, Wendy.
  31. Similar to Fairy Tail's rules of the Promotion Trial
  32. Her and Lena's friendship is so strong that she unconsciously in requipped the revolvers, so technically she has hybrid magic, Water Dragon Slayer Magic and The Artillery
  33. Due to her rage at Lena being hurt, she couldn't control her magic
  34. This is gonna be interesting ^^
  35. In bandages
  36. giving him an increase of 5 rings
  37. Due to Umi melee attacking Lyon that she was bound to get hit with a full blast of it
  38. from the Castle pool...yep...I said right
  39. 5 of them
  40. Due to Umi flooding the first floor
  41. Which was 160,000 Jewel, double her rent :P
  42. Her last name a blatant reversal switch of Umi's Earthland last name :P
  43. And yes....Umi's Edolas....
  44. Umi's Edolas counterpart's Magic is Sword Elemental Fusion, the ability to change the structure of her sword into any element and combine them eg. Fire-Thunder Blade (the change of element also changes the design of her sword)
  45. The reason Lucy Ashely fled was because in conjunction with the Edolas storyline, Lucy Ashely was trying to get back to Edolas Fairy Tail to give the speech to the Edo-Fairy Tail about the Earthland Mages and the Royal Army's plans etc..
  46. where the main fight occurred with Earthland-Lucy and the Edo-Fairy Tail Mages with the Royal Army
  47. She however is similar to both Coco and Knightwalker about their verdict on their punishment, she wanted to redeem herself as well as rebuild Edolas to a better future
  48. wouldn't you collapse from 90 ~ 125 dB of noise?
  49. on her not protecting Fairy Tail as well as knowing that Ashi now knows where she is
  50. Though she wanted it not to be
  51. though it's 50/50
  52. *cough* *cough* See Kurisu Makise...*cough*
  53. I wanted my character to at least know Dragon Force like Natsu did (under circumstances), she hasn't yet achieved this and fails just before she forms the water spikes
  54. She is a special case of 3rd Generation Dragon Slayers, though she has water dragon lacrima implanted to her, but she had learned magic from a dragon, she still retains the all the aspects of the Old Style Dragon Slayer, it is because even though she has implanted her lacrima, the lacrima itself is ineffective to her, so she's an Old Style Dragon Slayer technically but a New Style Dragon Slayer (due to the lacrima)..making sense??.
  55. Well kinda makes sense Water Dragon Slayer = Underwater breather
  56. not like Natsu and Gray
  57. during the hanami, they are also in good terms, as they are both Dragon Slayers as well as both of them knowing defensive Dragon Slayer spells (eg. Vernier and Arms)
  58. Well this is obvious due to Umi's friendship with him and his team
  59. LA's favorite character :D
  60. Hehehe.....
  61. The reason for this is because after Hydriaos left Umi alone, Umi started wandering around alone for her first day without Hydriaos, she came across a paddock with several cows, she accidentally opened the gate and the cows fled out of the gate with Umi getting almost stomped on by one of the cows, Umi scared out of her wits tried to attack the rampaging herd of cows, however when she produced Water Dragon Roar, she actually caused all the cows to COME BACK TO HER, thus all the cows started to drink the water around her that she produced from her Water Dragon Roar and subsequently getting rammed at while trying to escape as all the cows had blocked her path. After the ordeal, she hated cows ever since. Upon seeing a cow, she tends to headbutt them as a form of attack against the cow or using her Vector Sea attack(only if she's around water) to punch the cow across the face and leaving abruptly.
  62. List??..well ok!... Lucy from Loke arc, Angel from one of her jobs, Karen through Lena
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